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  1. Does this mean that she will stay in the Caribbean this summer and cancel all her cruise out of Amsterdam?
  2. Has anyone heard if the Nieuw Statendam staying in Europe? I seen it only has 1 cruise in April before returning to Northern Europe for the summer.
  3. Does anyone think that the FCC will be extended past Dec 22? Every month that goes bye, are window of booking a cruise gets smaller. I took the FCC at the beginning to help out NCL and I knew I would be taking more cruises. I can't afford to take any more FCC without worrying about losing some of the money left on FCC after Dec 22.
  4. If all cruise are going to be capped off at 60%, will they stop selling the cruise? Or will the keep selling hoping for more people to buy the suites formore money and cancel all the lower price cabins?
  5. Are they going to post the Nieuw Statendam summer 2021 cruises schedule.. Or is this next ship to be sold.
  6. Have they posted the dates for these cruises in June or July?
  7. With all the cancelations, 2021 is getting full for me. When will 2022 summer cruise be released?
  8. Has anyone heard of any new promotions coming from NCL. They have had the balcony promo now for a while. Should be trying new promo to get more bookins.
  9. Been watching my cruise for a week now and still sold out. I don't think its a computer problem or IT problem. I think it is a canellation problem.
  10. I"ll watch the next few days.
  11. What does it mean when all the cabins are sold out today and three days ago all cabins were avalible? Do you think it is really sold out, going to be canceled or at 505 full now. ever happen to anyone else?
  12. Is anyone booked or know any information on the RCL cruise out of china.? Seems strange that you can still book them.
  13. Has anyone heard if NCL will offer a 20% future cruise discount on a cancel cruise rebook? Wanting to rebook a new cruise, but would like to see if NCL offers the 20%. Need the 20% off to be around what I paid for this years cruise.
  14. Are Oct 11 cruise out of japan to Singapore still has a lot of open cabins too. just wondering if they are starting to limit amount on board or ready to start canceling cruise?
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