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  1. Honestly it was so long ago I can't remember what software I ran, but it was likely written in basic. I ran it for a computer society. Message board, file access, and info on upcoming meetings, etc.
  2. My first car was a 64 1/2 as well. Traded it plus 1k for a 69 Torrino GT convertible, way back in the day. Now my 'toy' is a 70 Challenger R/T convertible and my daily is a 16 Mustang GT convertible. Love them both. CC name is from when I ran a BBS back in the day and my handle was beachbum. That was taken so I went with Bbum.
  3. Just wondering, we took an upsell to a full suite as well and I know they used to give you a specialty restaurant diner on the first night for those in suites, do they still do this, or is it now just the balcony breakfast? We've had the balcony breakfast a few times before when in suites and I think we just asked for the Champagne after the first one and went to Sabatinis for breakfast after that.
  4. If you can do early walk off the line up for immigration should not be too bad, although that's not set in stone.And if you are able to manage your luggage for a couple of blocks over to the waterfront station you can take the sky train right to the airport, which costs about $4 a person, and takes about 30 minutes and no worries about traffic. So if all goes well you should be ok for an early flight. On the other hand the later flight will be a much safer bet and the Vancouver airport is quite nice. As stated above a lot depends on what day and how many other ships are in port the day you dis
  5. I can recall reading a post where someone mentioned that if your folio number doesn't change your coffee 'card' will be honored through out the b2b. Now on all the b2bs we've done the folio number hasn't changed (remained in same cabin if that makes a difference) and our stateroom account and internet minutes have just rolled over to the next segment. We are on a 29 day in the fall which could have been booked as a 14 and a 15 and are planning on trading in our first mini bar for coffee cards, so I guess we're due to find out. Bbum
  6. I just received notice from Princess that the 25 and 35 day were cancelled. In the cancellation notice the obc offered was this: VOYAGE REDEPLOYMENT - NOVEMBER 14, 2020 - PACIFIC PRINCESS Please be advised that due to deployment changes, Pacific Princess' 35-day Tahiti, South America & Panama Canal Grand Adventure voyage departing November 14, 2020 has been cancelled. The deposit paid on this booking can be transferred to any new voyage, including Pacific Princess' 10-day Tahiti & French Polynesia voyage departing on November 14, 2020. Should you decide to rebook to t
  7. We are booked on the 35 day cruise to Ft. Lauderdale as well and I just talked to our personal vacation planner at Princess and she said that the 26 day to Sydney isn't in her system and is going to talk to a supervisor and get back to me, so I will update when I hear something.
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