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  1. Does anyone know Iris Alegado? Or which ship she is on. Or even still with NCL. She was our concierge on the Sun in 2018. Thought someone said she was on the Breakaway but not according to the recent list. Any information is appreciated.
  2. 4 day coming up in May on Breakaway. Was wondering what the haven restaurant hours are for breakfast lunch and dinner. All 3 days are port days, no sea days. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the information. If there is more than one ship on the island that day the roped off section you mention may not happen. We may not even bother tendering over.
  4. Without booking a cabana or villa, are there benefits for Haven guests? Beach, restaurant, bar, transportation?
  5. You are fortunate then. Our butler was non existent. 7 days and nights and we saw him 4 times. First time was by accident as he was in the hallway talking. It is hit or miss with which butlers provide exemplary service, ours did not.
  6. Hubby and I are working on review under his cruise critic account, should be posted this weekend. Like I said, tiresome. We are on vacation and do not appreciate being exhausted with resistance and conflict. I did not go to a manager. Later in the week I avoided the TSL bar completely, would have a seat by the window and wait for hubby to bring us our drinks. Additionally, keep an eye on cleanliness of wine glasses, no elaboration needed.
  7. On the seaside YC 8/31. Absolutely met resistance on wine requests. Asked for a glass of the livio pinot grigio at lunch Sunday 9/1. The waiter tried to pour me the open bottle of dansante pinot grigio, I passed and said I would go without. A short while later the maitre'd showed up with the bottle of livio and poured for our table and next table. It is on the YC wine menu. At the Top sail lounge later that day I, met same resistance. Bartender looked at me like he had never hear the name before, even though it is on the menu. Offered me the open bottle of pinot grigio and I passed. He said don't look at the label and poured me a taste of a white. Took a sip and I didn't like, so I walked away without any wine. Didn't like the dasante, he would not get me the livio and poured me a taste of chardonnay not to my liking. For me pinot grigio and chardonnay at not really interchangeable. At dinner same night I was poured a glass of mirassou pinot noir, not to my liking. Asked for a glass of the Louis Jadot, on the YC menu. The waiter did bring and said would have available each night. There is no consistency between the Dining Room and the Top Sail Lounge, connected by a set of stairs. Upon commenting the next day to the bartender I didn't like the taste of the chardonnay he had poured me yesterday, ( Clos du bois) his response, it is one of our best sellers. As to say, your palate is wrong. Eventually, by midweek, the restaurant had both the livio available at lunch and the louis jadot available dinner. The TSL not so much. Each time I would make the request for the livio pinot grigio or the louis jadot pinot noir, he would look at what was already open, look at me, look at the menu and act confused. It was tiresome. The restaurant seemed to figure it out, not the TSL. Good luck to all.
  8. Is the ship leaving Miami to go to Cozumel? duration? we are due to sail tomorrow.
  9. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. We are in YC tomorrow, first time, doesn't look promising. Has the captain or anyone given a heads up on the port or the plans. Looking for any inside information.
  10. Scheduled Saturday out of Miami on Seaside. First port Puerto Rico. Does anyone know how MSC handles inclement weather? Will they leave late? Go a different route? Choose a different island? Thanks.
  11. thanks. it looks like tsl 6:30 am. to 1:30 a.m. and grille 7:30 am. to 6 p.m.
  12. Does anyone have a daily programme or know the hours of the top sail lounge and the yacht club grille?
  13. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for YC 8/31.
  14. Enjoy your last day. Would you mind posting the YC dining room hours for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
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