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  1. I avoided deck 14 because of all the negative reviews not just the pool deck but the sports deck as well. I noticed that deck 14 rooms appear to be the last to sell out and I'm afraid to get a GTY room to save money because I'd bet many of them end up on deck 14. I haven't experienced it but there are a lot of negative reviews.
  2. The key disappeared on Harmony (nov) as well about the same time this post was started. It was $29.99, but it came back yesterday still at $29.99 The Key was $37.99 back in May when I booked. Since I'm already getting a single voom stream (currently $10 pd) I would consider 2 keys for my wife and I, if it ever drops back to it's original $19.99 but will pass on anything higher. At this point I don't expect it will drop... It looks like they must be getting people to pay much more than the original $19.99 on Harmony because it's never dropped below $29.99 since May regardless of a
  3. Both JS's are gone again, now an owners suite for about $5,000 more is the cheapest available, and heck no! :)
  4. I wasn't able to hotspot, but I was able to do wifi calling and unless calling each other a single account is typically enough with both of us taking the wifi as needed switching devices. This seems to be a popular practice. With 2 voom's you could actually do wifi texting and calling which would be neat.
  5. Thanks everyone! I guess I want to justify the extra grand but it really isn't "justified" comparing the 2. I'll let this one go, unless it drops another 500 or so. ;)
  6. Thanks for the responses everyone, I did reach my TA and I will get an additional OBC (the difference) the reservation # won't change so all my scheduled excursions, etc will stay the same. The cost is about $1130 - $90 extra OBC I guess one extra perk is the suite would count as double C&A points and we'd hit platinum on this cruise instead of our next cruise, which I believe means we would be eligible for discounts on balcony and above cabins in the future. I'd still like to know the difference on the bed, but over $1000 doesn't quite seem worth it. If
  7. I'm currently booked on Harmony in November through a TA with a group rate. I got a nice Oceanview Balcony on deck 6 (6302 or something) near the rear for $899-pp + tax and $100 obc-pp. I've booked 4 excursions, soda, voom, shows for every night, early dinner, and the chops+1 dinner package.... about $3,000 total expected costs... Since booking in May there have not been any mini suites, so the suite price has been about triple+ what I paid for a balcony, and I wasn't willing to spend that much. Just recently 2 mini suites just opened up at $1448 + tax and $135 obc and I'm se
  8. I'm planning on this package and going to wonderland as the other.
  9. On Harmony (november) It started at $37.99 and it's been holding at $29.99 since, I might grab it at $19.99 since I'm paying for voom anyway, but hasn't come near that since I booked in May....
  10. Look for combo deals as well. I was planning on getting a soda package, and got soda + voom surf and stream for $21 (soda is usually $9-10 and voom is $14-16). I see they are currently offering it with the deluxe beverage package for $55 on my November harmony sailing. Usually the beverage package alone is $50 a day. It's also included with the key, but they are selling the key for way too much on my sailing at $30 a day but if interested in that it may be cheaper as well.
  11. Along the same topic... They just opened up my online check-in (90 days out) The earliest boarding time I was able to select was 11:30 but I'd also like to arrive at 10-10:30 and get on board by 11 This is Harmony on Canaveral. From what I'm hearing there would be no issues arriving 1 - 1.5 hours before my boarding time?
  12. My TA usually has some really great group rates for Oasis class ships, I ran the #'s for Symphony next July and found much lower prices then mentioned here also with lots of cruise cash. This was supposed to be for 2 people so I assume groups rates would work for that, and both of these rates were for ocean view balconies with rooms available on multiple floors. I'm paying around $2K to go in November so the prices are certainly much better outside summer but these group rates absolutely destroy everything on RCI site especially with $300+ obc on July 18th, & 25th. They didn't
  13. This exact problem was happening to me in chrome a week ago. I was able to get in via incognito mode. I absolutely refuse to delete my entire browser cache for anyone (probably haven't done so in years) so I work on every angle to resolve. I did try deleting Royals site cache only and that didn't help. I found other browses worked like Edge so I'm not sure how you had the issue in both I Think IE worked but I might be wrong). I did see that when I accessed the site from my work computer it was fine in chrome, so the issue appeared to be local computer and/or browser specific in my
  14. Thanks, I wasn't 100% sure but based on other cabin reviews and understanding they seem to rotate every other I was hoping this to be the case. It's just my wife and I so this should be great.
  15. I've been looking at booking Carnival Mardi Gras in fall of 2020, the prices for 2 people are much closer to Harmony and Mardi Gras should be a much more comparable ship in size / features. If comparing to breeze you can look at RC ships out of Tampa to get closer pricing. I think RC tends to charge more when you go above 2 per cabin too. I saw that when I helped my coworker book a cruise for 4 (they went with carnival due to price).
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