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  1. We booked B2B NYC to SF and SF to NYC earlier this year - Jan 4 until Feb 14, 2020. I was only allowed to use 2 Cruise Next deposits but received F at S bennies for both halves, and $500 in Shareholder OBC $250 for each leg. It more depends on how the person booking it does it. Our amenity confirmation showed 2 each Beverage Packages, Dining Packages for my husband and myself for a total of 4 packages of each. We also got our Platinum Dinners for each half. We only had one reservation number.
  2. Thanks for letting us know how it worked. I'm sure my January 2021 cruise will be cancelled because it is for 14 days and the CDC is only allowing cruises that do not exceed 7 nights.
  3. No self service also started on the Gem today but there are still salt and pepper shakers on the table so precautionary rather than an active virus on the ship.
  4. We only paid for a B3 to upgrade to a B1 on the Jewel to Alaska last June. 10,000 points should get you a two category upgrade. They should have repriced you to a B3 not your original B2. Closer to the cruise we decided to pay to upgrade to the forward penthouse and they gave us $100 OBC for our 10,000 points since we paid the full price from the B3 to the penthouse. Forward or aft facing is a must for Alaska IMHO. Enjoy your cruise.
  5. We are also currently on the Gem B2B in the same cabin actually booked as one cruise. Guest Services manager said we did not have to do the second muster, concierge said we did. When we tried to check in for the drill our name was not on their list. We stayed even though we could have left and they just added our name to the list.
  6. Plus there will be at least 20 of us at the M&G that are currently on the Gem so feel free to ask us questions after the Officers leave the M&G. 🙂
  7. Looks like we will make it just in time. It says it will close early February 2020 and we'll be there in January.
  8. I've been using Trip-It for years and also love it (so does my hubby because he can see what all I have planned). I especially like being able to check back on previous trips to see what excursions we did when someone asks about a particular island.
  9. Call to make your shore excursion reservations so you do not have to pay until you are on the ship. Shore Excursions: 866-625-1167. This only works when you have the Shore Excursion OBC.
  10. Thanks for the info. I've asked on both roll calls but as far as I know NCL does not port in SF very often so I haven't asked on the main NCL board yet. This year and last year's NYC to California long cruises have only gone as far as LA. If I don't get more info here, I will ask on the main NCL board just in case someone has left from or cruised into SF on NCL.
  11. We are doing a B2B on the NCL Gem in January 2020 (Turnaround day is a Friday). Can anyone tell me if the people "In Transit" (doing a B2B on the same ship) can get off the ship without the long lines of those getting off the ship permanently? I read here on CC that they either have a separate line or allow lose "In Transit" to go to the front of the line in SF but cannot find it again to see how long ago that was. The only other B2B we have done we spent a few days in that city before our cruise so we got off the ship last and got back on first. This time we have never been to San Francisco a
  12. I used 10,000 to upgrade from a BA to a B1 on the Jewel in June 2019. I later decided to pay to upgrade to a suite and asked if I could at least get the $100 OBC that the 10,000 points could have bought since I was paying the full upgrade from a BA to the SE. They agreed and issued me the $100 OBC. Not a refund per se but I think as others have said if you call to get the points refunded BEFORE or at least at the same time as you cancel, they should refund your points. They don't have to but probably will.
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