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  1. Here is a "suppose" question for you: Since no planned extension on FCCs and I have one that will expire next March, should I apply it to any cruise--even tho that cruise might not happen? I have lifted and shifted everything so that the only remaining scheduled cruise is an April transatlantic and if there is no vaccine or cure before final payment time, we will not take that one. My next cruise after that would be Sept. of 2021. Would that be the only method of "saving" it? Thanks in advance for your opinion.
  2. I’m getting MULTIPLE postS that contain nothing.
  3. did you change anything? Before this I had no problem seeing your graphics.....
  4. are you doing screen shots or copy/paste? I often have problems with screen shots from iPad or “i” devices being blank on non “i” devices.....
  5. For some reason the font is impossible on iPad and iPhone but looks fine on my desktop with Windows 10, etc
  6. I’ve been waiting for a good caption for the elf on the shelf with the pill bottle and liquor....or did I miss it? I was sure cruise wizard would have one!
  7. Goody two shoes was the first thing that came to my mind too....
  8. Saw a seagull make off with an entire salad covered in shrimp at Point Loma in San Diego once. Really something to watch. Glad it wasn’t mine.
  9. I must have missed something....where is Capt. Ron Holmes? maybe going to Harmony?
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