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  1. With a group like that you'll still make the best of it and have a great time. Enjoy!!
  2. Agreed. Over the weekend I "booked" a cruise just to see if they were still offering the itinerary in December and they are. The website should be updated so people know what they are getting. I probably would have selected a different ship/itinerary had I known but it's our first cruise with Royal so I am excited about the boat experience most of all.
  3. I agree about the shadiness. Over the weekend I booked a "fake" cruise for this December on Allure. Where does that cruise go you ask? St. Kitts, St. Thomas, and Perfect Day Coco Cay (Bahamas). It said NOTHING about Puerto Rico! This is practically the same cruise I am doing in June (except mine goes to Nassau but it's still Bahamas...). So what's the difference? They are just letting people book the cruise thinking they are going to St. Thomas when they KNOW that boat won't make the trip until the issue is fixed.
  4. Wow! You didn't receive the mass email that they sent out? I'm already pissed. I'd be even more so if I never received advance notice of this!
  5. True, it does happen. But at least Carnival gave us each $50 OBC last Summer when they changed a port on us. RC doesn't seem to care to do a thing to compensate for such a change(s).
  6. I know! I've tried the last 2 days. It annoys me every time because it lets you select PR but then pulls up all of the USVI shore excursions....I thought this was just me being overly irritated at them.
  7. I'm so upset that they traded St Thomas for San Juan. I have been to PR...I have not been to St Thomas. Not a fair trade if you ask me and I agree, this kind of change really does change the cruise and they offer ZERO apology as far as an OBC or something.
  8. This is a great analogy about the situation and I agree 100%!!
  9. We are sailing on June 2nd and was so bummed last night when we got the email. This is the 2nd Summer in a row we have tried to cruise to St. Thomas for the port to get cancelled. This is our 1st time cruising with RCL. We usually cruise with Carnival -- last Summer when our port was changed from St. Thomas Carnival compensated each of us $50 OBC. I can't believe RCL makes a change like this and doesn't even offer some sort of OBC. How is PR even a fair compromise? I've been there done that with PR...I booked this cruise to 1.) try out RCL for the first time and 2.) Finally make it to St. Thomas. So far I am not impressed with RCL and their customer service. I will continue my loyalty with Carnival in the future. Especially for the price I paid for this cruise! Almost double what I pay on CCL.
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