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  1. We will be on K'dam on the 2 January cuise, can i ask to the most expert one's how is common the cancellation of HMC? i've start to get into the idea that visit HMC in this period is almost impossible?
  2. you've been very clear. Thank you both.
  3. Hi guys, Can you confirm that if i'll buy a shipboard credit into my booking reserved area all the gratuities will be paid with it and, if is enough, nothing on my credit card will be charged? thank you
  4. Wonderfull, i'm not the only one. my deadline for the payment is 18 nov and i have only 500 euros remaining to pay but from the last week is impossible. Please when you'll hang off with the HAL call center let ous know what the say. Please.
  5. I'm steel unable to make a partial or final payment on the HAL website. Anyone is able or not able to make a payment on the website? Only to understand if is only a my problem or is general. Possible that is because i made too many partial payment(around 20) ?
  6. I'm getting the same message...nothing change...
  7. chrome, but anyone is having success to make a total or partial payment?
  8. Hello! Anyone is experiencing some payment issue on HAL website lately? it's some days that i'm trying to make a partial payment for a future cruise but i always get the following error: Please fix the following errors: We apologize but we are having problems processing your payment at the current time.
  9. Great, thank you for the LIVE. I've seen on the w&w that there is a texas hold em tournament in the casino, someone knows if there are are poker table in the koningsdam? i thought not.
  10. Same experience for a cruise next January in carribean, price drop by 40%. I called HAL and i've been upgraded from an interior to a verandah. From what i understand is the fact that you made the final payment or not that make the difference.
  11. this is the link https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/find-a-cruise/C0S10A/K010.html
  12. Hello everyone, so i called the HAL and this is what happened. I call the usa number because is very i made the reservation,(every hal site of every nation that i'm trying to connect i'm been redirect to that one) via skype and a very kind woman called charles answer the call. I explained her the issue, that the price has been cut by half respect when a booked and she said that has to contact the pricing office. After 7 minutes of wait she came back ad said that usually the euro reservation is made by another office( she didn't said which one and i didn't ask) but that in this case exceptionally she had the authorization to manage it. She let me choice if i wanted a adjustment of the total quote of an upgrade to another type room and i choose the second one. At end for the 10 nights cruise on Koningsdam in the carribean from 2 Jan 2020, i booked a inside cabin on February 2019 for 2850 euros, now i have a Verandah cabin on the highest deck(11) for a total of 2700 euros, of course for 2 person. Something completely amazing and also now i cant' understand how that has been possible. I want to thanks you all that help me with a suggestion, i can't looking forward to go on it!
  13. Thank you for all the compliments, this is real one of the most beautiful country in the world, we ha everything, from food to sea, from the mountain with a lot of sky resort to the history. i always said and i always will say that the only problem that we have if half of the italians and all the politician, unfortunately.
  14. I'm sorry but i can't find the italian web site, infact if i try to access to any holland america site in the world i am redirect to the us version.
  15. Thank you all, yer i'm european, italian precisely and i booked on hal web site. I don't know if there is different rules if you book from europe or usa direct on the same website but in 30 minutes i'm going to call him and see what they can do about it
  16. Thank you for you answer, I've not made the final payment yet and i have no perkes because that fare was for a inside basic cabin. I would like to have the best accomodation that i can with that amount of money, in your opinione if call the Hal number the would change my reservation? Thank you
  17. Hello everyone, i have an issue, the last february i booked a cruise in the carribean for 2 person for 10 days, the price was 1400 euros each. Now i've just tried to view if the price was increased and surprise! the price for the same cabin became 850 euro each. What can i do?
  18. Thank you both, the doubt derive from the fact that the card name is "soda fountain"...so maybe something that you have to get by yourself and, maybe, that in the MDR is not possible. Anyway really thanks.
  19. Ok, thank you. I think that if it worked out in specialty resturant in the MDR should be the same. Thank you
  20. Have you tried to use the soda fountain card in the Main Dining Room? if yes, how it goes? they let you use it? Thanks
  21. Hello everyone, i'm new to HAL so sorry if this is a stupid question. Me and My girl are going on HAL koningsdam and we bought 2 soda fountain card, we can you is in the main dining room or only in che lido buffet? thank you
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