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  1. Thanks! That makes a lot more sense. I guess it gives me a little more time to decide what to do.
  2. Hi: I was hoping someone could help me understand this. I have booked a super saver fare with a deposit of 375. My final payment date is Mar.15, sail date June 13.I have already paid 2000 dollars in addition to the 375 towards the cruise. I understand if i cancel between today and Mar.15 I loose the 375 but get the 2000 back. What i'm not sure of is if i pay the final payment amount today for a trip total of 3375 dollars and cancel before Apr.16(56 days out) what is the penalty? Carnival says it would be the standard deposit amount. does this mean i would loose the 375 deposit plus anot
  3. I also have reservations for 3 specialty restaurants on the Panorama this June without having to pay. Its really odd because sometimes when you log in you choose"Specialty Dinning", pick your restaurant and then they want to charge you. However when i log into Carnival on my daughters tablet there is a choice on the page that says "Make dinning reservations", that takes me a choice of onboard restaurants. I pick the one i want, set a time and click confirm, no payment required. I got an email confirmation for each a few days later. There unfortunately doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for
  4. Hmm. Well thats problematic. I guess I'll just keep trying then. Thanks!
  5. Hi I know the Carnival website has been acting up lately but this is new to me. I can log in and see my cruise, manager, planner etc. but it wont let me purchase anything. When i click on add to cart for something like shore excursions, cooking classes, packages nothing happens and there is no option to pay or even go to a cart and see whats in it. Is this just me or is anyone else seeing it too? I've tried Chrome,Explorer and fire Fox all the same results. I thought Royal Carribbean had a glitchy website when we sailed them last year but Carnival is giving them a run for their money. Tha
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