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  1. Can UK cruisers advise on typical prices for the beverage packages? I am interested in alcohol package (currenty c£41 per day) and refreshment package (c£14 per day). Do those prices look about average or are they a good deal? I realise prices vary between cruises. This is for Explorer at end of August. Prices similar to what we paid on IOTS a couple of years ago even though exchange not as good as it was then, so wondering if better to book now rather than wait.
  2. They seem a bit inconsistent in the UK office. Prices dropped so we upgraded from an inside to a balcony, based on the current balcony price which wasn't much more. However, friends already had a balcony booked and the price dropped. They were told the price could be adjusted to the current rate for an admin fee of £35pp rather than lose the full deposit paid.
  3. Food was good to excellent on Breakaway a couple of weeks ago. I never order the New York Strip as usually not great but my son had it twice and it was cooked just perfectly and very tender. The Prime Rib was excellent too. I don't expect gourmet dining from the MDR - it's mass catering after all. I'm not cooking it and I'm not doing the washing up so I'm pretty laid back. My one disappointing meal was Le Bistro. I don't think I have ever seen smaller scallops and my husband's prawn entree was incredibly salty. Cagney's was good but quite rich. The stand out was Ocean Blue. The food, ambience and service in there was great.
  4. Snap. We got off Breakaway on 25 August and already looking to book again for May. We loved Syd Norman's - really good live music venue. Definitely part of our decision to book again.
  5. We had no problems getting a table on Breakaway. Savor and Taste were busy a couple of nights but we were just sent over to Manhattan where we were seated immediately.
  6. We disembarked from Breakaway yesterday. Fabulous cruise. Pools are ridiculously small and getting a lounger by the pool or a drink from the pool bar during the day was challenging. However, the rest of the ship was much less crowded - the waterside was a brilliant area - loads of seating and bars never too busy. There were plenty of quiet spots to avoid queues and crowds if you wanted to e.g. the bar by the entrance to the buffet was always quieter than the ones by the pool. Food in the MDR was the best we have had in some time. Ambience of the Manhattan room was great and we always got seated straightaway. Le Bistro was so so, Cagneys good and Ocean Blue was excellent. Highly recommend breakfast at Moderno as much less busy thsn the buffet and a relaxing way to start the day. The bands at Syd Norman's were great fun as was Howl at the Moon. We are keen to book again. NCL do a great job of catering to a wide audience.
  7. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I love your reviews. We're currently at Heathrow Airport waiting for our flight to join the Breakaway on Sunday.
  8. BD Balcony to MA Mini Suite on 18/08/2019 on Breakaway - £90 total bid accepted.
  9. We've done a couple of sailings where just me and my husband had the package. Whenever we ordered as a family - apart from one occasion - we were never charged for the kids drinks. This was a couple of years ago though.
  10. Great review - we've just booked this cruise for August. We were doing Disney but the kids decided they would prefer a cruise instead! We're flying into Tampa and then will drive down to Miami and return to Orlando after the cruise. I think we'll need to sort two x one way car rentals. Which car rental company did you use in Miami and would you recommended? Im ideally looking for one with a free shuttle from the port. Thanks
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