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  1. Great review! Thanks for posting it. Looking forward to this same cruise next year.:p
  2. Thanks for all the great info. We will be on this ship in February, also.:o
  3. You might want to check out the Roll Calls. If they are on the 9/14/08 sailing, as I am, there is lots of good info posted.
  4. Jeter, Thanks for the fabulous review!!!! I am getting so excited. We leave in 13 days!!!! And, I'm sort of a picky eater, so glad to hear there is simple food for us picky people!;)
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. We have already booked the Boston Highlights and Duck Tour through the ship. Can you recommend any good places to have Boston Clam Chowder or maybe a brewpub place?
  6. How about the middle of September? Will capris still work then, and good walking sandles?
  7. Welcome home, Scoobygirl! Thanks for the review. We will be on the Spirit in September. I am used to sailing on Celebrity, so I'm a novice to the Freestyle cruise. How many of the restaurants are free? What are the costs for the other restaurants? Do you need to make reservations for all restaurants? Which were your favorites? What is "not to miss" on the Spirit? Any infor would be greatly appreciated.:p
  8. We also had a tour of the bridge on our last Summit cruise in May. We also had a tour of the helipad. On our last Infinity tour we had a tour of the kitchen -- quite a production.
  9. The ship runs on regular American current. Didn't need any converters, adapters, etc. I charged up my phone several times onboard. I used my phone in several ports as well as on the ship. Text messaging was a great way to keep in touch with my kids since there was time difference. Haven't got my cell phone bill yet, though!:rolleyes:
  10. Thanks for the great review, Water-Baby! I will be on the Summit in just a few short days. Looking forward to a wonderful cruise. How lucky you got to seated at the Captain's Table. How did you get selected? I was blessed to be invited to the Captain's Table on our first Celebrity cruise on the Infinity. I must have used the wrong fork or something, because I've never been invited back!!!!:p
  11. If you have Cingular, you can go on to the Cingular (AT&T) website and go into the area for international dialing. You can actually put in the ship you are on and the cities you are traveling to. It will tell you if you have service, and how much it will cost. The cities do differ. Some are 2.49 others 1.99. On the cruise we are going on, there is actually no service in Croatia. You can call Cingular and activate the International dialing feature for $5.99 a month and they will actually activate it for just the time you are going to be gone and prorate the amount. This lowers the amount per minute charge. They send you an email confirmation with all the details. We leave in about 2 weeks. Hope it goes as planned!!!!:p
  12. Three cameras around your neck!:p
  13. Can anyone tell me about using my card while in Europe? Do you get a good conversion rate? Are their foreign fees tacked on? I have a pretty new card and have charged my cruise and a few other things, so I will be redeeming my points for some onboard credits, but want to know about using it while traveling. Any info is appreciated!:p
  14. We leave Monday on the Infinity. I'd LOVE a copy. ckerton1@comcast.net Thanks, a bunch.:p
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