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  1. When I go to Yankee Stadium, there is an elevator attendant inside the elevator to limit crowd sizes, but the elevators there are huge. I can't imagine with the clientele cruises attract that they are going to be able to limit elevator usage to one or two couples, there are just not enough of them.
  2. I am guessing the cruise lines are politely going to tell you, we can sanitize the ship more, but you essentially are on your own in terms of trying to dodge getting infected. They are not going to be able to enforce wearing masks, limit elevator usage, etc., without people being thrown in the brig (this is my vacation, I don't want to spend it in a mask!). They will probably limit venue capacity, but I imagine they will want to avoid confrontations with guests. Also, here is a legal form to sign before boarding, don't sue us if you get infected or stuck on a ship.
  3. Even if some of the ships come back, how much of the crew/activities/entertainment/perks/etc. will be cut or reduced? I can't imagine a cruise is going to be as enjoyable of an experience as it used to be. Would they even allow theater shows, for instance , for fear of everyone being close to each other? Would there still be a buffet (I imagine they would man it with servers like HAL does). I know Royal has been around for 50 years, but I think this is a life changing event for the cruise lines. I can't imagine more remote places are going to be eager to accept American tourists, even if
  4. I am positive they have no regrets. They made out good while it lasted.
  5. According to this article, the cruise lines may not even be eligible for the bailout. It is still being determined. CNBC Cruise Bailout Eligibility in Question
  6. I imagine if they were forced to flag their ships in the US, or agree to higher U.S. regulations, I am guessing the fares would almost double to compensate having to double salaries of workers. At that point, all the positives of cruising would go away in my mind.
  7. For extroverted/social people, telling them to sit home and not congregate with people is like a death sentence. Some I imagine would rather be drafted into a war than not allowed to be with other people. I am introverted, so being alone does not bother me too much.
  8. April 25th. I see Orbitz notifications changing details of my flights, I imagine the airlines will be cancelling some flights...
  9. I bought it with Amex Platinum (I was excited to get it for its travel benefits recently), it says the policy does not cover biological incidents, which I imagine this would be. I am waiting to see if the airlines can let me change, I bought the cheapest tickets that are nonrefundable.
  10. On Joe Rogan's podcast, an infectious disease expert said he believes that the recycled air in cruise ship cabins contributed to the infections on the cruise ships. His opinion was that the novel coronavirus passes through the air. There are now tests that indicate that it can exist in the air for up to three hours, so just washing your hands is not enough... https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/487110-tests-indicate-coronavirus-can-survive-in-the-air Is it less safer than working with the public? I don't know. It may depend on the air filtration system w
  11. I will buy RCL, but I am waiting...I fear the government might shut them down in US ports if they have to keep quarantining ships, eventually they will say enough.
  12. Unless you are going to an a la carte restaurant, speciality restaurants are going to charge you one price, regardless of how much or little you eat. But I don't know the specific answer to your question.
  13. Someone posted recently they booked solo and at the last minute wanted to add a friend to their room, they were denied because of passenger limits (we assume lifeboat limits). Book the second person and cancel if they can't make it.
  14. Enron was independently audited. Doesn't mean there are no shenanigans going on. I can't imagine non U.S. citizens are going to go through the trouble of hiring lawyers to get tips if they are being stiffed, and their winnings would go to lawyers anyway instead of them. I am not accusing RCI of anything wrong, but it could happen... I do pay the automatic tip just for convenience.
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