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  1. As the date of our first cruise on X (Equinox - June 15th) creeps closer and closer, I've learned that not all 'SALES' on the Cruise Planner are equal! I discovered from other forums that during the last "SALE EVENT", some people had "20% OFF" discounts off Specialty Dining Packages and Beverage Packages, while I only saw a few Shore Excursions on sale on my page and the dining/beverage packages were still at full price! So I know there will be no sales on beverage packages on day 1, but I've been reading about staff approaching you to sell you dining packages at a discounted price (not just for day 1). Do you guys have any strategies on "haggling" for the best price at each of the restaurants? I did the math... the 3 restaurant plan at full price equates to about 38 dollars a person a meal! Thanks all!
  2. Hi all! We're about to venture on our first cruise with X on the Equinox on 6/15. The wife wants to know if there are still "formal nights" or is that a thing of the past?! I remembered reading something about "Evening Chic" attire, but want to get a feel from you guys to see what the general consensus is. Thank you!
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to remember how to access the page where I could pre-book flowers, chocolates, etc. to be delivered to the room prior to us (or for later during our sailing) getting there! I recalled seeing the page once, but now all I can get to is my Cruise Planner, that only shows specialty dining, drink packages, internet and excursions!
  4. So it looks like LPC is going to replace SH... and from reading reviews (and trying to not ruin the experience by watching videos), people are saying it's worth at least ONE meal. I will definitely try to make a reservation for the Tuscan Grill or Murano for our anniversary. Do you guys know what the cost is for each of these specialty restaurants? Trying to see if buying the 3-meal package is worth 258/pp for the both of us (43 per meal, per person, with tax)
  5. Yes! Thank's for reminding us! We will actually be on Week 22 and 23 at the end of our trip. We've verified this with our OB and they have a letter ready for us to present to the folks at Check in!
  6. Yes! Thank's for reminding us! We will actually be on Week 22 and 23 at the end of our trip. We've verified this with our OB and they have a letter ready for us to present to the folks at Check in!
  7. Hello All! My wife and I are welcoming our first born this October and are looking forward to our one last "vacation" or babymoon aboard the magnificent Equinox! This is will be the first time we will be cursing with X (on the June 15th sailing) and have been excited to read all about the wonderful things featured on the Equinox... especially with the "limited" Revolution that's currently taking place as she sails towards Spain! We are booked on Aquaclass on the Equinox and want to maximize our time on the boat for some serious "R&R" before the baby comes... we've of course taken into consideration with the ZIKA scare in the Caribbean (is that even still a thing?) and the current measles scare. So maybe just stay indoors during Port Days in Mexico to stay away from mosquitoes in that region! So here are my questions for you guys as we approach our trip! We're celebrating our wedding anniversary on the last night and want to get recommendations to see if any of the Specialty Dinning Restaurants are worth it? We received a special "20% off internet and excursions" promo via email a few weeks ago, and I took the advantage and booked the Unlimited Internet (1 device) and saved a bunch... do you guys know if Specialty Dining Packages and/or Premium (non-alcohol) packages ever go on sale before sailing? Would it be cheaper for us to book in on board during day 1? We really want to try LPC, but it seems like Silk Harvest is still shown as one of the dining options on the Equinox. Do you guys know if QSINE is replacing SH? I think that's all I can think of right now, and if something else crosses my mind, I'll be sure to ask everyone here! Thanks again for the info! Sincerely, V and J.
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