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  1. We're considering taking this cruise in August. We are not new to high-end cruises but will be new to Viking. I've read through all 36 pages of this thread. Two things are causing us to reconsider. First, it sounds like booking at this late date (for the 8/21 departure) will lead to missing some preferred excursions and dining choices as they will already be booked. Second, we are far from "anti-mask/anti-vax" but it seems a bit excessive to require masks when moving about the ship when all passengers and crew are fully vaccinated, tested on a daily basis and location monitored..
  2. Just chiming in to agree completely that the Seabourn website is terrible in the extreme. I cannot think of another travel website (or actually pretty much ANY website) that is so consistently awful. It makes no difference what browser or platform - they are all incredibly frustrating. If you think about it Seabourn should be embarassed to offer such a mediocre online presence at this price point.
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