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  1. No--I was just meaning for the base price for the tickets. I assumed the rest would be added on that. 🙂
  2. We have only been to a cruise in Mexico (Pacific side), a Bahama and nearby island cruise, and will be in a Caribbean (with Coz) one this December. Other than that, we've only done the USA. We have not been to Europe before. We want memorable and pretty things to look at that we can't find anywhere else in the world. We would love lots of stops so we can see a lot! A weeklong cruise would be good (give or take a day). What port we leave from is not important to us, nor is the ship size. We would only arrive at the port the day before our cruise (unless it was a really great place that had a lot to see). Most importantly, we would love to EXPERIENCE the destinations and not just run from one photo op to the next or do excursions that we could do in the USA. We'd like to keep the budget (for 2) probably around the $2000 mark each (or less). Not sure if I'm dreaming there. Any feedback is so appreciated! 🙂
  3. We're tentatively planning out our next cruise which we think will be Europe. There are so many cruise lines from which to pick and so many ports. It's hard to decide! What lines and which ports were your favorite and why? TIA! 🙂
  4. What part is untrue? I just want to make sure I understand the policy completely. 🙂
  5. So--I just paid the balance for my cruise. My travel agent said that from the time of booking (deposit) until the time of the cruise, if it's at a lower price, I can get the difference back. I understand that now that the balance is paid, it would only be available in an onboard credit. Anyhow--the agent already got $200 knocked off from a sale a few months ago....but what about Black Friday? Does RC run any Black Friday deals that may get me some onboard credit? If so, do you know where I would watch out for this at so I could let the agent know to take advantage? THANKS! :)
  6. Does anyone have any pictures of snorkeling or diving they've done in Cozumel? I'd love to see the gear, the fun, and of course the marine life! THANKS! :)
  7. To get especially embarrassing pictures, of course!
  8. We're going on Indy, so this makes me feel better! I love that the privacy is maintained with the kiosk! 🙂
  9. Hey---I'm not new to cruising, but I my first cruise with Royal Caribbean is around the corner. I have a question. One of my pet peeves on cruises is when there are photographers everywhere wanting to take pics. It makes me feel like they're paparazzi or something. Also, well, I'm sort of a private person, and I don't enjoy pictures of me being displayed for everyone to see-especially if they don't look flattering. Does RC do the paparazzi thing? How and where did you notice the photographers? How/where/when were their photos displayed? Were you able to decline having them taken, or were the employees pushy about it? (I've had before where I politely declined and they were rude and pushy! I know they just want to make money, but they don't realize that I won't buy a picture I dislike.) I just sort of wanted to know what to expect. Thanks! 🙂
  10. Hey--Do all cabins have blow dryers? Or maybe no cabins have them? Just curious if I need to haul mine along or not. I would like to save as much room in my suit case as possible. Thanks!
  11. Hi! Do all cabins have safes? (We're doing Royal Caribbean) If so, does the combo change every time or can you pick the combo? Or maybe it's a key instead of a combo? Thanks! 🙂
  12. Where would I find swim leggings?
  13. Hi! Where can I get those lanyards that people wear on cruises (the ones with their key card and ID etc on them). I figured maybe I'd get something cheaper and better quality now than if I buy it on the ship. I saw the actual neck lanyard things even at Party City for a buck, but they don't have those plastic holding things on them. Any advice would be great! Thanks! 🙂
  14. DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! You saved me a bunch of money! The exact one I was going to buy on Amazon was over $50 and on the link you sent, it was just about $30. I can't thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Hey Guys! What's a good "reef safe" sunscreen that you have used and would recommend? (I am pale and burn quite easily, so I want something reliable!) Thanks in advance! 🙂
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