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  1. It was lotion that I was asking to reapply. Their policy was across the board that nobody could put sunscreen on past the dock. I had heard of companies insisting upon reef-safe sunscreen only, but I'd never expected that they would say they didn't care what kind. It's a good thing I had a UPF zip up jacket and UPF swim pants (capris) on. I had some exposed skin, but luckily, even though it was quite sunny, I did not burn.
  2. My husband is about your weight and he was probably like 8 feet or more from the ground. Hope that helps! 🙂
  3. Does anyone have any tips on how to not gain weight on a cruise?
  4. We just got back from our cruise (Independence going to Cozumel) and that was our EXACT experience.
  5. We had the same dining option. We chose to go on the website and reserve a specific time each night. When we got to MDR, there was a long line for people who did not make reservations, so I'm glad we did!
  6. I did a LOT of research about this to make sure that I got one that was truly reef safe. When I went on my snorkeling excursion, the guy in charge told us (right before we got on the pier) that he didn't care what KIND of sunscreen we used and if we didn't apply it already we should then because we weren't allowed to put any on while on the excursion. I asked if I could use the reef safe sunscreen still. He said no--no sunscreen. No reapplications allowed during the excursion-and it was quite a sunny day. Just FYI for you. Not sure if you will have a similar experience-just sharing mine.
  7. Has anyone here ever done the Snuba excursion? If so, where was it? Did you feel secure like the air hose wouldn't get pinched closed? Did you feel as though you saw better/more things than if you had snorkeled? Also--did you have to use a scuba regulator in your mouth and could you bring your own? (I have TMJ and would need a special regulator) How long was the excursion and how long did you get to be underwater at each reef? Thanks for the info!
  8. I just got back from a Cozumel snorkeling excursion. I was worried about the same thing. The only thing we brought with us (besides the snorkel gear since we wanted to use our own) was our sea passes and copies of our passports, a towel from the ship, reef safe sunscreen (even though we were forbidden to use it!), a waterproof camera, and tip money for the tour people. Nobody messed with our stuff. The other people were snorkeling right along with us. Of the crew members, one drove the boat, and 3 were in the water with us, so nobody would have had the chance to steal anything. We adored
  9. Hi! We got back from our Cozumel cruise (Royal Caribbean) a few days ago. We did the 3 Reef Snorkeling Excursion. It was amazing! I highly recommend it! Here are some details so people might know what to expect if they want to go on it: We got off the boat and reported to a man under a sign that said the name of the excursion. He instructed us to wait by Margaritaville. We stood there for about 25-30 minutes before we were able to go on the excursion. We walked a short distance (equivalent of a residential block or two) past many shops to the pier. Before we got on the boat, the g
  10. No--I was just meaning for the base price for the tickets. I assumed the rest would be added on that. 🙂
  11. We have only been to a cruise in Mexico (Pacific side), a Bahama and nearby island cruise, and will be in a Caribbean (with Coz) one this December. Other than that, we've only done the USA. We have not been to Europe before. We want memorable and pretty things to look at that we can't find anywhere else in the world. We would love lots of stops so we can see a lot! A weeklong cruise would be good (give or take a day). What port we leave from is not important to us, nor is the ship size. We would only arrive at the port the day before our cruise (unless it was a really great place that
  12. We're tentatively planning out our next cruise which we think will be Europe. There are so many cruise lines from which to pick and so many ports. It's hard to decide! What lines and which ports were your favorite and why? TIA! 🙂
  13. What part is untrue? I just want to make sure I understand the policy completely. 🙂
  14. So--I just paid the balance for my cruise. My travel agent said that from the time of booking (deposit) until the time of the cruise, if it's at a lower price, I can get the difference back. I understand that now that the balance is paid, it would only be available in an onboard credit. Anyhow--the agent already got $200 knocked off from a sale a few months ago....but what about Black Friday? Does RC run any Black Friday deals that may get me some onboard credit? If so, do you know where I would watch out for this at so I could let the agent know to take advantage? THANKS! :)
  15. Hi! My husband, 16 year old daughter, and I will be cruising to Cozumel and want to do a snorkeling excursion that goes to 3 reefs. Being a noob to snorkeling, I have many questions! 1. My husband will do a traditional snorkeling set with the kind of tube that won't let water inside of your mouth. My daughter and I will be getting full face masks. I have to due to TMJ and the fact that plankton creeps me out. If I got it in my mouth, I would throw up. Are there any brands you guys would recommend that are decent yet won't break the bank? 2. I want to get a rashguard for
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