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  1. Thank you, i will check both. glad to have you as a transplanted Okie:) Here in OKC we don't have to use either one of these so I was a little confused.
  2. Never used Uber or Lyft. We will be flying into FLL and will need transport to our Miami hotel and then the next day transport from Hotel to Cruise port. Can you please tell me which one everyone likes better?
  3. Hello, are you going to be on the Oasis the end of March? My husband and i will be there. it will be our first Royal Caribbean cruise. we can't wait.
  4. I think i heard you can have the cruise staff get your luggage to the airport for you. not sure how much it cost
  5. we have changed to Hilton Miami Downtown. it is really close to the cruise port. thanks for all your advice
  6. Has anyone stayed at this hotel before? we are planning on taking Uber to the cruise port. and we are coming in the day before and don't really have any plans for that day. just wanted to see what you all thought of this hotel.
  7. Good afternoon: we are new to Royal Caribbean and very excited about our up coming cruise. We are book on Oasis of the Seas room 7274 port side in March. My question is : when on your balcony in the area we are booked can you look straight down to the water or is the life boats or something blocking the view. We like to have a great view of the ocean. Also, if you have any other advice for us please tell us. We are not new to cruising just new to Royal. Thank you in advance for all your help.:)
  8. I am really thinking it's not worth the cost. 24.99 per day per person is a lot. When we cruised Carnival we did their faster to the fun and it was 50.00 per stateroom. and it included a lot of the same things as the key.
  9. I have been checking it daily so maybe they haven't put it out there yet. we are going on the oasis. This is our first Royal Caribbean cruise.
  10. it hasn't even shown up for our march cruise unless I am looking in the wrong spot. I am looking under internet and more. is that the correct area?
  11. right now is only 80.00 so it's not worth me calling in for.
  12. Question: if the price drops below what you paid I know you can call in and get an adjustment but my question is. When I booked we got a promotion where we got 100 OBC. Now the fare is less but no OBC. so, if I reprice we will lose the OBC right?
  13. what do the cups look like? we are going on our first cruise in march 2020 and have the beverage package
  14. Hello, I am on this same schedule but ours is in march 2020 I wonder if ours will change also?
  15. when someone has a moment can you look at the Oasis and tell me if I am looking at it correctly that our bed will be by the bathroom? 7-7274 ocean view balcony. this is our first Royal Caribbean cruise.
  16. Thank you for responding. Never used Uber or Lyft before but willing to try
  17. We will be flying in the day before our cruise and was wondering if anyone knows if RCL offers airport transportation from both airports to Miami cruise pier? I know they do from MIA just not sure about FLL... Flights are cheaper to FLL but hotels are more. We are just trying to figure out the best way to go. This is our first time going out of Miami. thanks in advance for any help.
  18. Okay. I thought it sounded cool. we normally cruise Carnival and they don't do any themed nights that I know of. do they tell you ahead of time if they are planning on doing them?
  19. This is going to be our first Royal Caribbean cruise. And I have read that they do a white night and a tropical night. Can you post pictures of what you guys wore? We are trying to get an ideal of what to buy. Also do they do any other themed nights, we are going on a 7 night out of Miami on the Oasis? thank you
  20. When in Cozumel or Progresso we buy mangos and avocados and bring them back on and no one has ever said anything about it. they are in our bag when scanned and one of the employees were excited to see mangos so we gave him one.
  21. Okay thank you, we are new to Royal Caribbean and wasn't sure how it worked
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