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  1. Thanks to everyone for all the advice. We did the cruise about a week ago and I am happy to say we avoided any seasickness and had the time of our lives. Met some wonderful people and will definitely be taking that cruise again. i took some preventative tablets but they really were not required. On the roughest day at sea I felt a little queasy but as suggested on here I took some ginger and green apples and it was not an issue at all. Thanks again for all all the help and guidance from everyone on here. david
  2. Thanks for the message, we actually do have this card and this is the one we used to purchase our entire trip with so hopefully it provides the insurance we need
  3. I actually checked the insurance coverage from the credit card we used to purchase the trip and it covers pretty much everything (it is a specific travel card so has a lot of travel related benefits) it it covers up to 100 000 for medical evacuations. I am sure that is not enough but I’m wondering if others still think we should add insurance even with this coverage?
  4. Ok thank you everyone. We will book Cunard care insurance. we booked through a US site but are in the UK already. Should we call Cunard UK or US to book the insurance? unless there is a way to do this online even though we are in the uk?
  5. Thank you for the link but when I attempt to open it it says there is an error? I also get that same error page when I click on the Cunard care link on the website
  6. Thanks everyone, regarding the insurance, if we got the Cunard care coverage would that cover medical evacuations and if so can we add that when boarding the ship?
  7. Hi everyone, my my wife and I are taking our very first cruise this Friday for our honeymoon. We are doing a transatlantic crossing on the QM2 and are extremely excited. we think we have everything in order but had a few queries I was hoping some more experienced cruisers may be able to help us with. 1) neither my wife or myself have health/travel insurance for the cruise (I know this is probably not the smartest idea) we both live in the USA (my wife a citizen and myself a permanent resident)and booked through a US agent. I understand if booking through a UK agent then health insurance is a requirement to board the ship but I believe for some strange reason this is not a requirement if booking through a US site. We just want to be sure we will be able to board the ship in Southampton without travel or health insurance. 2) we have printed off our e tickets and luggage label and have our passports ready for check in. Do we need anything else in order to board the ship? 3) how many bottles of wine are you allowed to bring onto the ship per person? 4) in regards to dining, do we need to choose one option for dinner or can we do two options if we choose I.e can we go to kings court and our allocated dining room, buffet and room service or is it one or the other? thanks so much for your help everyone, this site has already been so helpful for us first timers. We are really thankful for the input and tips provided by people on the site. we just cannot wait!! David
  8. Thanks so much for the insight. It all seems to have worked out quite well in that regard. looking forward to it. Thanks again. david
  9. Ok we are all set and have been given our cabin number. We are so excited for the trip to begin. our cabin is 6064 on deck 6. Judging by the map it seems it be kind of towards the front of the ship and deck 6 seems like it may be one of the lower decks which I believe will be good for our seasickness fears. can anyone who knows the ship better than I confirm that this cabin is fairly low in the ship and be a good fit for us in terms of seasickness fears? thanks so much everyone! david
  10. Thrown out of bed?? That sounds quite scary. Hoping for calmer seas. thanks everyone for all the wonderful pointers. I didn’t realize you had to take the tablets before you wake up so that will no doubt be a big help for us. we can’t wait. Thanks again everyone
  11. Thanks so much everyone. This has made us feel a lot better. We have an interior cabin but they have not assigned our cabin number yet ( they said they may not even assign it until the day of the cruise. I have asked them for a cabin lower in the ship and towards the middle if possible. The agent said she made a note of it for us so fingers crossed we get a lower deck. thanks again everyone. david
  12. Good morning, Both my wife and I suffer from sea/motion sickness. We have never been on a cruise before and one of the main reasons we choose a voyage on the qm2 was because we heard that she is a more steady ship purpose built for as an ocean liner. We are hoping this will help a lot but I would also like to know if anyone has any other specific tips on particular medicine (we are only really familiar with Dramamine) or any other suggestions on little things we can do to try to avoid sickness. thanks so much everyone
  13. Thank you. I will contact our insurance company and see what they offer. If it’s not any better I will go with the Cunard care. i have given Cunard our passport details but does anyone know if they require anything further from me in advance of the trip due to the fact that I am not a us citizen? I will obviously have my passport and green card with me on the cruise but wondering if they need anything else in advance. thanks so much everyone for all your time and help. It is very much appreciated david
  14. To be completely honest with you I am not entirely sure. I assume she has coverage through her us medical insurance provider. does anyone have any Recs for an affordable travel/med insurance provider we could use for the trip? i wonder if the credit card we used to book offers that when booking?
  15. Thanks so much for the response. I called the uk first by mistake as my wife and I are currently traveling Europe and I didn’t know there was a difference. in relation to the insurance I think the mandatory coverage the uk agent was alluding to was for medical coverage rather than for the trip costs etc. any idea on if we need that to travel on the cruise? thanks again for your time and help. david
  16. Hi everyone, My wife and I just booked a transatlantic cruise from Southampton to New York for this May 31 on Cunard for our honeymoon. we are really excited but I wanted to ensure we had all the required paperwork in order for the trip. I am an Australian citizen with an aus passport and I am a permanent resident in the USA. My wife is a us citizen. I just wanted to make sure the immigration/ passport requirements would be the same as when we come home from international flights which is just our passports and for me my green card also. I want to ensure the fact that I am not a us citizen will not prevent me from being able to take the cruise at all. also, I have received some conflicting reports on the need for travel insurance for the trip. I booked our trip through xxx in the us and I believe if the cruise is booked through the us then the travel insurance is not mandatory. The uk rep that I spoke with informed me that I had to have it but this was before he knew I booked through the us. I just want to confirm that we do not need this insurance even though we board the ship in the uk and the fact that I am not a us citizen and only a permanent resident. sorry for the long winded questions but this is the first time we have ever taken a cruise and want to be sure we have everything covered for our honeymoon. thanks so much for your time. David
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