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  1. We are on the April 2020 T/A too, a change in logistics yes but confident we can manage and perhaps a good experience will result
  2. Do they inform you somehow that themed food will be served or do you just find out when you wander in there?
  3. No but someone said print out any reservations you make and I'm glad I did because the purchase does not show on my cruise planner.
  4. For me it would be if many other cruisers were obnoxious, demanding, loud, rude, inconsiderate, etc.
  5. When I first saw the title of this subject, I thought it was about disinfecting one's cabin. If I may ask, what kind of wipes/product does anyone recommend for that purpose?
  6. FWIW I haven't done a chef's table on a cruise, but from poring over videos and photos of RC chef's tables, I'll agree the wines are nothing special, you see them in the supermarket. We are going to wait and see how we feel and if they offer a deal onboard, perhaps go for the novelty factor of a special menu, getting dressed up and conversing with ten other cruisers from who knows where.
  7. I happen to know how the smoke works, they use a small gas torch that has a bowl (like a pipe) they pack with wood chips, cloves, etc., and it has a rubber tube where the smoke comes out, they lift the edge of the glass dome just enough to insert the tube, pull the trigger and fill the dome with the desired amount of smoke, remove the tube and deliver immediately to table!
  8. I'm sorry, I can't get my head around this attitude, when not far away, people are dealing with immense tragedy.
  9. Yes, bed placement can be a real concern, for me it feels weird sleeping if the head of the bed is facing aft, so I made sure it wasn’t.
  10. One good thing, Rhapsody seems like a great value, and if they did a lot of updating, it would cost more, and people would gripe even more about the cost of cruising!
  11. Thanks for this review, it's a big world, some folks are truly uncomfortable in outdated and/or worn furnishings. Lots of reviews from all ages who love the ship as it is. For me the older surroundings are a reminder of what was (to me) a more gracious era, and I just don't care if things are worn. Nothing wrong with either viewpoint. Mind you if my cabin is grimy, I'll ask nicely for them to fix it.
  12. Makes me a little sad, a cruise is an experience that many can only dream of, yet we aren't satisfied. Good to hear the young man enjoyed the opportunity.
  13. Charleston In A Nutshell does a 2 hr walking tour with a 5th generation native guide, I used a Groupon but well worth the ticket price. An entertaining way to learn a bit of Charleston's long history and about some of the homes along the Battery.
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