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    Boston-based car service?

    Thanks for responding. :) I'm going in the other direction. And Air Canada goes that way, too, but I only fly if I have to. Between boarding, deboarding, and luggage pickup, it's at least two hours. Plus two hours in the airport ahead of time. The car ride is just under five hours excluding a stop to stretch.
  2. You don't have to have made this particular trip, but can anyone personally recommend a Boston-based sedan/town car service for a ride to Montreal from Boston?
  3. Cranch

    Newport - Cliff Walk

    The public buses (RIPTA) run right out of the Gateway Center, a few minutes walk from the tender. Bus 67 runs twice an hour and stops near the best part of the Cliff Walk, which is between Narragansett Avenue and the Marble House. Both can be seen on the route map at this link: https://www.ripta.com/67
  4. Ten years ago, we took a city bus. We walked out of the cruise pier and turned right on the main drag. Stopped at a hotel to change euros into kuna and waited at a bus stop. Asked before boarding if it went to the old town. It dropped us right at the gate as I recall.
  5. Looking to hear from anyone with experience booking private shore excursions with this outfit readyclickandgo.com. How did it go? Meet expectations? Thanks for any help.
  6. Cranch

    Really? No freak outs about Noordam?

    I don't really think it can be called a design flaw as the ship is coming up on seven years in service. It wasn't a problem during my limited experience with the ship (2006 and 2011). This has to be some kind of system failure or maintenance issue which hopefully can be solved.
  7. Thanks for the responses! Still mulling Celebrity. I like to book my own cruises but now I'm reading their Web site can be a bit of a chore…
  8. Looking at a Summit sailing out of San Juan and wondering when you are typically allowed to board given the 8:30 pm departure. I would fly in the day before but assume I'll need to be out of the hotel around 11:00 am the next morning. Also assume they'll store my bags until I'm ready to go to the ship. I would like to use sail-away day to see San Juan. Is that better done before heading to the ship or is it easy to see the city from the port if Celebrity lets me onboard early in the day? And now a picky little question. Very much look forward to my fresh-squeezed OJ on HAL. :) Is it true X charges for this? Even if I choose the beverage package from the booking promotion X has just started, will I be standing around every morning with cooling pancakes while someone validates my juice? Just wondering how that works. Never had a drinks card before. I just signed as I went in the bars and dining room. Breakfast in the Lido buffet didn't involve a charge. Thanks! P.S. Any helpful heads-up/tips for a Celebrity newbie who's only ever cruised on HAL gratefully appreciated. I like a quiet ship but I'm not always ready for bed at 11:30! :)
  9. Cranch

    Rome Cabs vs. Rome Cab

    Here is the feedback I wrote for Stefano's web site after using them three times for transfers during our recent Rome stay and Med cruise: Competitively priced. Personable English-speaking drivers always there early. Clean, newer vehicles. Outstanding email communication and confirmation. Used RomeCabs for airport and cruise port transfers. In short, do not hesitate to book with Stefano Costantini's RomeCabs.
  10. For anyone interested, I found answers to most of my questions at this helpful site: http://www.howtocallabroad.com/
  11. I am bringing my iPhone on a Med cruise and have no experience using a cell phone overseas. I will be turning off data roaming and have purchased ATT's $6.00 monthly international voice roaming discount plan. My questions are very basic but I'm having problems finding definitive answers. Any help or corrections for the following from experienced travelers gratefully appreciated. Using the iPhone while overseas to call home to a U.S number: dial +1 then area code & number. Is that correct? For reaching both landline and mobile numbers? Someone trying to reach my iPhone from U.S. while I'm in Europe would simply dial as usual without country codes? Someone trying to reach my iPhone (for example) from a local Italian number while I was in Italy would dial +1 then area code & number. Is that correct? Finally, how would I dial a local European number with my iPhone while in the same country, for example to make a dinner reservation? Hope this is clear. Again, thanks for any insight.