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  1. Didn't know Bliss doesn't have Galaxy Pavilion. Hopefully thy still do the $200 unlimited cart pass.
  2. Thanks for all the replies! We're watching Alaska late May - July. Waiting for a sub $600 on Bliss the last 2 sailing in May and I'll pull the trigger. My guess is 60 days out or less. It's pretty close at $734. Any reason not to wait? At what point do you think this ship will fill up and prices start to rise? My guess is 30 days. These are odd weeks and most families are traveling yet. Trying to beat the summer rush and rates.
  3. Maybe only a Joy thing? It still show on the NCL website that they offer it for the Joy. Maybe the Bliss had an unlimited go cart option they got rid of?
  4. What's the best timing for lowest rates on any NCL Cruise? 90 days out, 60 days out, 30 days out? Not asking for the secret formula but your past experiences. I can travel any time and place since I work from home and can be remote. That leaves me the flexible to book extremely last minute. I get there are too many variables. Cruise capacity, percentage vacancy, open cabins in various classes, etc. I find 30-60 days out from cruise date is a pretty sweet spot on ships with more availability. I also understand that cruises may not be interested in filling 100% of the cabins for various reasons.
  5. Tell me its not true! Just heard the Ultimate Trio Package $350 (Galaxy Pavillion, Go Carts, and Laser Tag) passes are gone on the Bliss and Joy from our NCL rep. Can anyone confirm? Not going to lie but this is a huge reason for us selecting these ships to cruise on.
  6. Same here, even though my kids had drink packages. We all had soda packages. I ordered for them and took to table. Nobody ever asked for their card. Yes, I consider it stealing if your kids don't have drink packages and you do and you get them drinks. I did however, have my NCL rep suggest to me to do this on a booking. My wife and I get unlimited drink package with a booking and just order soda or virgin drinks for our kids. I guess it depends on your personal integrity and if the bartenders ask for the cards or not. After a couple days, the bartenders knew my kids and just gave them whatever
  7. We traveled on NCL Joy June 2019 and were able to communicate on board between other iOS devices. What we did was turn cellular mode off. Leave Wifi on, login to ship network with NCL app to get on ships wifi network. Its free for NCL app updates like schedule. After that, we were able to send and receive iMessages through the ships network without having to use the NCL app. Not sure if the feature still works but if you're traveling on NCL, lets keep this thread updated whether it works or not. Works great if your travel group has iPhones or iPads.
  8. This is a great tip to get your food and go someplace else more enjoyable.
  9. My kids want to know what are the hours for the go kart? Was an unlimited pass worth it or do they get bored after 4-5 times?
  10. Can't find a solid answer for NCL Joy stateroom decorations. Some threads say yes for other ships, some say no. Most threads or searches came up with yes but those are 2+ years old. Are they allowed on NCL Joy? We don't want to be that one bad family breaking rules. Thanks in advance.
  11. I will confirm if we win or not per my post above. Highly doubt it and low expectations.
  12. It would be nice if there was a separate website like http://www.biddingtraveler.com/ for cruise bids. Share your winning bids and give everyone a good idea of what you can expect to pay to win. I bid on Priceline all the time and use this as a gauge to determine whether I'll buy direct, take express deals, or bid. So to end my post on this thread from yesterday, I decided to bid $100 to upgrade inside to balcony. We got 2 inside staterooms and a balcony for $200pp more. If we really wanted the balcony, I would have paid the extra $200pp instead. If we win at $100, bonus! If not, w
  13. Probably good practice and to avoid the staff giving out free upgrades using promo codes for cash tips! Happens in hotel industry all the time.
  14. I would assume they do too. Loyal customers should be spoiled more. Just like airlines do for the frequent flyer clubs. This is my 1st cruise with NCL, I don't expect them to roll out the red carpet for me, however, If my latitude number showed 50+ cruises with them, I would expect some perks.
  15. Great advice. I did get a dumb low sail away price so I can't imagine they'd give it to me. Makes total sense. Is it too late to upgrade at check-in on any loss leader staterooms? Does the sandwich card trick work? LOL!
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