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  1. Our time is 12:30 so we plan on arriving at the port around noon. Figure by the time we park and get to the terminal, will not have a long wait and if they are running ahead, can get in a little early.
  2. I'm in Aqua leaving this Saturday and all of my notifications from Celebrity has been to show up at my time.
  3. Excellent! We leave this Saturday and are so excited. For those heading to Nassau, Junkaroo Beach is a fantastic option vs the Hilton. The Tiki Bikini Hut is a must stop. Great locals and a fun time!
  4. Thought I read somewhere on here that it's better to wait to get on board before buying packages like dining and drinks. Is that true? At the current price, would be better for us not to purchase a drink package since I get comped drinks in casino and my wife doesn't drink much. However, if they drop the price on board, that might change. Any thoughts or what's been the experience since the restart? I'm not eligible for the Always Included due to the casino comp.
  5. So we now think that the cruiselines should accomodate, outside the terminal with lines and such, people arriving early when the guidance has specifically been, "come at your allotted check in time"? SMH We're cruising next weekend on the Edge. Our check-in time is 12:30. We plan to get to the port around noon. If we have to wait outside for < 30 minutes, I'm ok with that. If they can get me in and on board earlier, that would be awesome.
  6. Another win for centralized govt and another loss for personal freedoms and business. No way the SCOTUS upholds this stay and this sets a horrible precedent for future "emergencies", real or exagerated.
  7. Yes, Beaufort is awesome. We love it. Grew up here. Thanks. So by "Perks" means it's included? I have a casino comp so not overly sure what I'm getting lol.
  8. I've seen a couple people talk about "location". What makes the Concierge location better than the AQ? Would Deck 7 be a better deck than the decks the AQ's are on? Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for all the responses. I have a room booked through a casino offer and they told me I could upgrade to either AQ or Concierge for $70/person. My current IV room is on deck 7. Just trying to figure out if the AQ is worth the extra $70/person even if we don't use all of the features. Does the menu in Blu change everyday or is it fixed?
  10. I've been given an opportunity to upgrade from an IV room to either Aqua or Concierge for not much money/person. This is our first time sailing on Celebrity so not really sure what perks might be best in each class of cabin vs just staying in the regular IV cabin. Any thoughts from veterans of Celebrity?
  11. I think most cruise lines will continue the current protocols because they make sense in the current environment. I went to Vegas last fall and there was no "CSO" in place to prevent Casinos from operating nor preventing people from having fun. The CSO had out lived it's usefulness and I don't see the CDC keeping it in place.
  12. Great news for Florida and for cruising! Cruise lines get treated like every other business. You are a consumer and can choose whether or not you want to sail on a ship/line that doesn't have protocols that suit you. I'm vaccinated so I really don't care who on my ship is/isn't.
  13. Well said @TeeRick and the point of my original post. In a vaccinated world, positive tests don't necessarily mean something bad.
  14. Are we going to complain if our sailings are less that 50% capacity? I'm not lol...
  15. We're booked on Edge July 31st, how can we "see" the capacity limit and current availability for that cruise? Just wondering how many people to expect on board with us!
  16. Bottom line in a vaccinated community, positive tests are actually a good thing, as it appears has happened here. 8 people positive, none really "sick", more strengthened immunity because of it. Sounds like everything is working correctly to me.
  17. The point of the vaccines isn't to have 0 positive cases. That's not what the vaccine does. The point is to make sure if you do get the SARS-CoV that it doesn't turn into COVID. The sooner people understand that a positive test doesn't mean COVID the sooner all the fear porn ends. SARS-COV doesn't kill people, COVID does. The distinction is important and real.
  18. LOL not a chance. Red states = less oversight and red tape + lower fees.
  19. On a fully vaccinated ship, who cares if there is a positive test? That's the point of the vaccine. The vaccine doesn't stop people from getting the virus, it reduces or eliminates the effects. The vast majority of the population was already largely immune to it anyway.
  20. CDC has basically said that on vaccinated cruises, there is no need for mask mandates.
  21. They can change as the CDC guidance changes. Carnival has been updating theirs almost daily.
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