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  1. Yeh you seem pretty judge and it isn’t any of your business. Ieel no need to explain to you!
  2. The primary purpose was to see friends in St Thomas and tour as a family. San Juan is not in any way handicap friendly, so left part of our party sitting on the ship for 5 of 7 days.
  3. We cancelled and took the hit, but will never use RC or any of their other lines again! I was on the phone with them for hours last night and they refused any kind of change or accommodation. Since they notified us after all paid, we took a big penalty hit...for THEIR issues! Rude and incompetent customer service!
  4. Not sure if all have been to St Thomas and San Juan, but these are not equivalent stops! Cutting St Thomas vastly cuts the value of the cruise!
  5. We also got the change and were headed to see friends in St Thomas. Tried to get them to work with us for a different ship/date going there. They wanted another 5K. Already spent 12K. Unfortunately, they did this to us after fully paid, so it cost us thousands to cancel. After gutting our cruise we will never use RC again and we have cruised 25 times w? Various over the past 20 yrs. Also will never recommend RC!
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