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  1. We sailed in July on Horizon out of Miami and had a little usb fan that we quite liked for noise! Was breezy, too- but it was the noise I needed. No issue at all. Purchased fan from Amazon- very inexpensive.
  2. I didn’t know you could request some of the main dishes, like pastas, as appetizers- that’s good to know! We sailed Horizon over this last 4th of July holiday, and had YTD- we ordered additional entrees and sides every night (party of 6 with some fussy eaters). One night my son only wanted a couple sides of the Mac and Cheese and our server brought him FIVE!! They are very happy to oblige! The only negative is a crowded table 🤗
  3. We were there in July and Topher was very busy jumping for sand- he was actively playing with this one little girl. It was very sweet. Didn’t know he was in pain 😔❤️
  4. I won’t forget the time we bought our youngest a Kindle for the first time. I think she might have been 9/10. I neglected to put a control on her being able to purchase media from Amazon, and she went straight there and purchased the unrated version of Stepbrothers- a popular movie amongst her adolescent siblings. Next up, we hear the drum set scene coming from her room! 😳 😂 Not our finest parenting moment, and remedied pretty quickly. Thank goodness she’s in high school now!
  5. Oy! We really didn’t have much in the way of drawings. But I can see where that can be a thing. We had lots of script. People telling you s where they were from, favorite thing they did that day, best part of their trip thus far, etc.
  6. Thank you- I just found it (wasn’t looking deep enough), and actually had selected YTD. Didn’t remember doing that!
  7. There wasn’t anything I didn’t think was over the top. That said, we have a good sense of humor! And my youngest is 14, and the last of 5 kids- so there isn’t much she’s not seen or heard!
  8. I don’t even see an option yet to choose YTD, or early or late seating for our June 2020 cruise (we too like YTD- eat at varying hours, sometimes very late). I assume it’s just not available for selection yet? Or am I just not looking in the right spot?
  9. The after hours messages were always a hoot! Sometimes we’d be in the cabin, and you could hear someone writing- it was so much fun! 😂
  10. Anyone do it? We sailed the Horizon over this last July 4 holiday week. We didn’t decorate our door as planned, but we did put up a 12x17 magnetic whiteboard along with some magnetic dry erase markers and eraser. Actually, our door wasn’t magnet- so we put it on the wall next to the door- but, instant fun!!! Everyday, we had TONS of messages! My 14 year old would sometimes write a QOTD/question of the day, and so many people wrote responses- crew included! Some were hysterical! I totally wished we’d taken photos. Probably an idea I grabbed here, and a good one 🤗
  11. Grand Turk and the dogs at Jacks Shack- one just plopped itself under my daughter’s lounger and took a long snooze. Horizon July 2019
  12. Eagle Beach, Aruba on 4th of July 2019- Horizon (my daughter and her guy pictured)
  13. A visit to Curaçao while on the Horizon over the recent 4th of July holiday. I loved it there!
  14. She absolutely is, and congratulations on your 40 years of marriage! These photos you’ve shared are stellar!!!
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