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  1. It depends on the mix of passengers, I've done 2 NCL solos this year. The first to Cuba, had a great time. There were a lot of solos and the solo meetings were well attended. The 2nd was italy and greece in July. I was the only person that showed up for solo meetings. After a few days though I met a mother/daughter that were traveling together and we got together frequently after.
  2. Actually, she can get most all drinks virgin, with the exception of the ones that have alcohol in a premade mix. I found a virgin moscow mule with extra ginger to be great!!!
  3. Ive done some solos, this year to Cuba and had a blast...then to Greece and Italy and not so much fun!
  4. Wow!!! I have to say you're almost talking me into it!
  5. It does amaze me how so many people go negative and taunt others on this site. Good for you if you reserve MDR. Others just taunt to get a rise...nothing better to do I guess...
  6. I’m going on my third solo this year Nov 24 RCL Explorer of the seas, any other solos going?
  7. Let me know your outcome, I tried earlier this year with no luck.
  8. Find and book through a good travel agent, they should be able to find you something with on board credit instead of the other perks so you'd get a little better deal then paying the higher fee for perks you won't take.
  9. From a recent article on cruise lines and lost luggage: Most cruise lines have very limited compensation for a lost or stolen bag. Policies range from Carnival's $50 per bag (maximum $100 per stateroom) to Viking's $500 per passenger. Oceania Cruises flat-out states it is "not responsible for the loss of or damage to guests' luggage." All of life is a risk and its what we're willing to pay to mitigate that risk. To always have "everything" insured would be costly, if not impossible. NCL has no obligation, other than what has been previously stated, it is a risk we take when we cruise. Of the 20 million plus people who cruise each year very few are impacted. Unfortunately you were one of those few. To take things like this to the media really don't do anything to change the programs, or coverage's, it is purely a business monetary decision as to what is covered. It is highly unlikely that by your attracting media attention NCL will make any special consideration for your situation, if they did it could affect precedence for future loss complaints. There's the small writing in every contract we enter (and you did enter into a contract). It's good educational experience for everyone, though quite honestly I don't see very many who will worry about keeping receipts for every handkerchief for future claims, which is really the only way to insure full receipt of insurance claims.
  10. It's okay to do on most restaurants, but not Teppanyaki due to limited seating. Go ahead and make reservation for 2 for that, but your first day on board let them know you'll be a single.
  11. I have to agree with Bird, as long as you’re willing to whisk your children away from the restaurant should they have a negative reaction, you should be fine. If they do have a negative reaction and you don’t, it would be miserable for you and others. That being said, my experience...earlier this year I was at Tappanyaki on the Jade during a Med cruise. A young couple at our table with a 2 year old. We had a blast! The Tap chef kept the child engaged making the whole experience great for everyone. However, I have to say on an earlier trip I had with a Cuba cruise the Tap chef wasn’t very good even with the adults present, so no way he’d have engaged a toddler. Luck of the draw on what you’ll get, but in my experience worth the risk to have a great experience.
  12. I always book excursions outside of cruise line as early as possible to ensure the best selection. However, I only book those that can be canceled without a fee because you never know until the last minute about port changes. In July on. Greece/Italy cruise port days for two ports flip flopped dates the day before we sailed due to a local strike.
  13. Ive tried it on both the Sun and Jade this year. The only times I had consistent luck was doing it between 3am and 5am.
  14. I went on my first solo cruises earlier this year. Im introverted as well. I'd have to say my first cruise what fun and exciting, the second not as much. The first cruise there were alot of solos that attended the solo gatherings, met some great people and really had a great time. The second cruise, a longer cruise, I was the only solo that showed for the solo gatherings and wasn't so much fun, until the last few days. Since there weren't solos on that cruise i didnt figure out until the last few days that you have to make opportunities for interaction to happen, they won't happen automatically. On the 8th day of the 11 day cruise I realized, even though being an introvert, I had to take the initiative to make what so far had been a miserable, lonely cruise something rewarding. My last few days I'd have to say were great. Takes you from your comfort zone, but the reward is worth it!
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