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  1. If you enjoy cruising, by all means book your cruise now. Cruise lines are a business and will need to recoup their losses from the Shutdown, prices are just going to go up. Their are plenty of people willing to pay the price.
  2. I guess I'm another without "an ounce of brains": I had 5 cruises scheduled this year, one went as scheduled in February; the rest were cancelled (including a December River Cruise); I've booked 5 more, including a Caribbean cruise in December. Will the December one go?....probably not....but I can always hope! That's all part of the fun of cruising....the planning and expectation!
  3. I personally don't see how this "behavior" on NCL's part is uncaring or disappointing? This is simply a computer system generated reminder email about expiring Cruise Next certificates. If individuals aren't interested and want an extension on the expiration it's up to them to request an extension.
  4. Email was from: Bill Sosa | Supervisor, Casino Sales and stated current tier level would remain until the 2022 tier level renewal (which would change April 1, 2022).
  5. I emailed yesterday and received a response within a few hours that status would carry over to 2022.
  6. No, only Signature.....I gamble alot, but not that much.
  7. I use UR Comped frequently. Great offers both on RCL and Celebrity.
  8. I wouldn't get all worked up at this time. Wait and see if the cruise goes. You're receiving the canned responses, If they end up cancelling then address the issue and I think you'll find it will be resolved in your favor.
  9. I've moved several comp sailings with no problem, just give them a call.
  10. Unfortunately any input you get concerning venues and hours for future cruises are what was in the past and not how the future will look. There will undoubtedly be a lot of changes to address health fears in the future. It will be interesting to see what the new cruising world will look like.
  11. It's best just to call CAS and ask them what they'd offer you based on your past play.
  12. I had a a Sept free cruise cancelled and did that, they let me move it too a completely different timeframe and itinerary with the 125% as you described. Just give them a call.
  13. Times will be completely different in the future due to the new restrictions that will be placed on entertainment. More show times will be added with the reduction of capacity due to social distancing. Who knows exactly how it will turn out, but it will definitely be different, at least for the next few years.
  14. Unfortunately TA's are no different than plumbers, lawyers or any other other service providers: there are good ones and bad ones. The good ones can provide a valuable service and save you money. This whole refund issue that really hasn't been handled well by any of the cruise lines has been made worse by TA's that aren't truly service providers but merely "order processors". Sorry for your difficulty, but don't let it cloud your perception of all TA's, there are many that provide a valuable service to the the traveler and truly care about the customer experience and value.
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