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  1. I had a a Sept free cruise cancelled and did that, they let me move it too a completely different timeframe and itinerary with the 125% as you described. Just give them a call.
  2. Times will be completely different in the future due to the new restrictions that will be placed on entertainment. More show times will be added with the reduction of capacity due to social distancing. Who knows exactly how it will turn out, but it will definitely be different, at least for the next few years.
  3. Unfortunately TA's are no different than plumbers, lawyers or any other other service providers: there are good ones and bad ones. The good ones can provide a valuable service and save you money. This whole refund issue that really hasn't been handled well by any of the cruise lines has been made worse by TA's that aren't truly service providers but merely "order processors". Sorry for your difficulty, but don't let it cloud your perception of all TA's, there are many that provide a valuable service to the the traveler and truly care about the customer experience and value.
  4. Unfortunately this is exactly the type of things that tie up our courts with frivolous lawsuits and have made it harder for cruisers who have valid refund requests to get their refunds because the cruise-lines have to spend so much time putting together the documentation to send to the credit card companies that they had a valid contract with the cruiser concerning FCC and they fulfilled their contract. In addition we're all paying for this because it's causing unnecessary burden on credit card companies to investigate the frivolous claims then passing on those additional costs to all of us as consumers. So by all means, file a claim so we can all pay.
  5. Elevate to ownership/leadership of agency. If not resolved, file a claim in small claims court.
  6. I've heard 65 and older will be given Suite's at interior Cabin prices and will all stay there......(I'm 65 and hoping anyway......)
  7. You are so right, planning is a good portion of the fun and adventure of cruising. We still get the fun of planning our adventures, and if in fact they don't end up sailing in 2021 I think cruising will be the last thing we'll worry about then because if that's not happening our economy has probably completely crashed.
  8. As mentioned, there are no purchasers. Many will go to scrap, many will be bought back making their books look better. A good time really to trim all the marginal producers from the fleets and blame allow the Covid reasons to absorb the losses.
  9. You can keep up with current cancellations here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates
  10. I think they were referring to Royal and not Carnival, John is with Carnival.
  11. Hoopster, let me put it in perspective for you: if you employed 50 tradesmen and had some contracting jobs that for some disaster you had to take care of repair work that required the help of 500 tradesmen, what would you do? You'd hire as many additional tradesmen as you could (probably accepting some that were below par) and try to make things right. That's exactly what the accounting departments of all the cruise lines are going through. What they previously handled with a relatively small staff has become enormous. So they're working short staffed, additional temps that aren't fully trained due to the circumstances, and a continually increasing number of transactions to complete based on cancellations and re-bookings, etc, etc, etc. All travel companies, not just cruise lines, are having this problem to some extent. Just chill, things will get better.
  12. Just call the RCL number, then select Option 2, then Option 5. That will get you a Tech Support person and they're answering quickly, I just tried it.
  13. Logged in this morning and changed password with no problem. Did you forget password and trying to reset? I did have a problem a few weeks ago with that and ended up calling for tech support.
  14. If you didn't sail, you're not a past guest, unless you've cruised with RCL before.
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