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  1. Probably not what HAL intended, but when I got the email it prompted me to call my credit card company and dispute the charges. I was going to wait until the end of the month (my sail date was 28 March, so I thought 28 May would be 'fair'), but the email made me think I wasn't going to ever get a refund directly through HAL. I'll be out 200.00 since I used future cruise vouchers that I bought in 2017, and the nice lady at the credit card company told me she can't access that far back. Losing 200 I can live with, I'd rather this all just get settled.
  2. I can almost accept that there may be a long queue for getting refunds, but as far as I can tell no one has gotten a refund since 14 March 2020. (If anyone has, please let us know). In other words, there is a long queue, but HAL isn't doing anything either. The idea that HAL is working tirelessly to process refunds doesn't quite ring true to me. Even a slow trickle of refunds would have some positive news on this thread or website. A few posts above reports two refund requests at the same time for the same cruise. One processed 13 March 2020, then... nothing for the other. Six week
  3. No worries on the Rhine as far as I know. Have been sailing since the 13th. We had a bit of rain but no issues with water levels on the Rhine. I don’t think there is a thread on the Moselle, so I’ll put this here for any Moselle cruisers. We are having high water levels on the Moselle. Today we were supposed to go to Thionville France but have instead stopped at Grevemacher Luxembourg. The reason given is high water levels due to much rain in France. Unfortunate to have to adjust plans, but not too bad overall. The Rhine is fine as far as I know though. Funny th
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