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  1. Really??? It worked? We leave Sunday and my daughter is Dying for me to find it!!!! I will check this out today!!!!! Thank you!!
  2. That’s so funny, but I’m such a lightweight I wouldn’t remember much of the trip!! Lol! I finally reached out to NCL and received permission to bring my water onboard. Thank you for the laugh!
  3. I was finally able to contact NCL and get permission to bring the water on board with me. Thank you for finding out that Sobe is sold on ship at least. I am now good to go!!! Appreciate everyone’s help and input.
  4. Thank you for your help, I’ll look into some of the drop options. Guess I have just gotten spoiled carrying my drinks with me, and forgot I couldn’t this trip.
  5. Thank you but it’s not the sodium I am looking for. I have been running low in potassium and even though I’m taking supplements, I had found a particular Vitamin Zero Water that has potassium in it. My dr has been testing me monthly.
  6. Good morning! Since we are unable to bring our own waters onboard with us on the Escape (bummer) and I already know that Vitamin Zero Water (a Coke product) is not available, can anyone tell me what type of lo-cal flavored waters might be available for purchase? I need potassium enriched, possibly Propel or something along those lines? Any ideas would be appreciated!! Thanks!
  7. Thank you for sharing your report! We leave on the 19th, first time out of NYC. Did you find a perfect spot for viewing departure? Glad you had a great time!
  8. This was the perfect question and answers for me! Thanks!! Just found out about this site, and am enjoying reading all the tips shared so far. I’ve been so caught up in regular life, I can’t believe our cruise is May 19th!!
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