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  1. Mine finally has the right itinerary for our 10/15 cruise. But we are 14 days from boarding and still can’t select arrival groups! It’s crazy that they only have a handful of ships sailing and can’t get this piece fixed. we have a 15 cruise tour to Alaska next summer and instead of one booking for it, there is one that says it’s for the first two days, then one booking for another day, then another one for two days. I can’t even look at that one anymore!
  2. I can see my new cabin number today. Ummmm I had a three person handicap cabin booked and got moved to a non handicap room! How does that happen???? I waited on hold for 90 minutes before I had to give up for today. I’ll be back on first thing in the morning!!
  3. As long as you don’t need a handicap accessible taxi, it should be a quick wait. Last year when we traveled in February and needed a handicap accessible taxi it took over an hour for the taxi coordinator to get one. The concierge at the hotel ordered the handicap accessible taxi the next morning for us and the taxi driver gave us his number and name and told us to call him directly anytime we are in FLL.
  4. We have gone to Mr. Sanchos in Cozumel. They have a beach wheelchair where they will take you to your beach chair and help you get to the restroom, etc. You need to take a taxi to the resort but it’s a great day.
  5. On our last trip, we had the half day when we arrived and then another full day the next day at McKinley. We didn’t do any excursions. The half day after arriving we walked up to the treehouse built by the Discovery Channel’s Treehouse Masters. There is a path but it is a little challenging if using a chair or scooter. Gene took it very slow and was able to do it. Though I have to say quite frankly you wouldn’t be missing anything if you can’t get to it. I was disappointed with it. We did laundry one day as we had been gone for a week already. We took the full day as a relaxing day. We sat on the deck of the lodge and played games. We went to a movie presentation about Mt. Denali. We were excited to see that the tour next year swapped days out and took the full day from McKinley and added a full day to the Kenai Lodge. The Kenai was our favorite lodge. It is so quaint and beautifully set in nature. We would have loved a full day there to just hang around the lodge and soak in the views. On our full day, we did the Kenai Fjords boat tour so by the time we returned it was time for dinner. Then the next morning it was breakfast and then board the bus to head to the ship. Will you have someone traveling with you? Kari
  6. I take it on the plane. I have a fireproof bag that I purchased on Amazon that I put the battery in. I also take a spare battery in a fireproof bag. I have the information regarding the watts, etc from the battery company that I have laminated and carry in our medical bag. I whip it out when we get the gate check tag from the gate agent. I had one gate agent tell me she wished everyone carried their info like that. It made her job much easier. The only airline I’ve ever had problems with it is Luftansana. Had to get a supervisor but eventually we were allowed to board.
  7. We used Harv and Marv for our whale watching tour. We had the three of us, our two adult grandsons, and two more friends so we were able to split the cost between seven of us. I booked a boat that was just the seven of us, the first mate, and the captain. All of us loved it. Our crew was an all female crew! It was a small boat that was probably at least of full 12-15 inches to step from the dock into the boat. With all of our help along with us, I knew we’d be okay. Our grandsons are both over 6 feet tall so they could basically just lift him onto the boat and off of it. I forgot to say earlier that the handicap restroom on the railcar was amazing! It was large enough for my husband to drive his scooter in and I was able to be in the restroom at the same time! As we were the only mobility challenged guest on the railcar, they just left his scooter on the lift when we were in our seats on the upper car so I didn’t have to go get it or take it back downstairs. At the Fairbanks Lodge at the welcome breakfast I asked our tour conductor if we got ourselves to the riverboat landing, could we meet the group for the riverboat tour as we did not want to do the gold dredge tour. She said she would arrange transportation for us. I was hesitant because some people think one or two small steps is no big deal but to my husband that is not doable. I told her we had to have handicap accessible transportation. She arranged for a lift equipped motor coach to pick us up at the lodge and take us to the riverboat landing. I was shocked that everything was handled just as she had promised. Another example of how the tour conductor took care of us is at Denali Lodge. As we were waiting for the bus to come for the Tundra tour, I casually mentioned to her that the shower stool in our bathroom was really low to the ground. I told her we could make it work as my sister could help. I just wanted to make her aware for future guests. Off we went to the park. Eight hours later as we were just getting back to our room, I got a text from her asking if housekeeping had provided a more appropriate shower stool. I went into the bathroom and there was the Cadillac version of shower stools waiting for us!! This is the response I got from the accessibility office at Princess. My husband would not be able to navigate walking the ramp or a large step. We do indeed have more information about the Catamaran transportation between Whittier and Valdez. This is from the Tour Operator: Docking in Valdez requires a flight of stairs and a ramp. Here are the guidelines that apply to all guests coming or going from the Port of Valdez on the Cross Sound Cruise. 1. The guest must be able to negotiate one flight of stairs totaling 13 steps 8 inches high. We are able to assist the passenger up and down the stairs, but we are not able to carry them in their chair. 2. The guest must also be able to negotiate a ramp varying from extremely steep to level. The ramp is 20 feet long and has handrails on both sides. There is a step or two (depending on the tide) at the end of each ramp. The steps can be as high as 10 inches. The ramp extends from the boat to the shore and does cross open water below. 3. We can carry and/or roll scooters and wheelchairs up to 30” wide and weighing up to 100 pounds on and off the boat. The guest may sit in their chair or scooter while on board the vessel if they wish. Due to the use of a catamaran for some transportation on this land tour and the precarious nature of boarding the catamaran while on a mobility device, to ensure your safety, this office does not recommend this cruise tour for our guests traveling with a mobility device. If we were to have our grandsons with us, I may be willing to do it, but with just my sister and I to help my husband I’m not willing to take the chance. Gene would be very self conscience if people were waiting on him or he caused us to miss something. Next year we are planning on doing the White Pass Railroad in Skagway as we skipped it last time as I spent the day in the spa for my birthday! Please let me know if you have more questions. Kari
  8. We have a Luggie foldable scooter. We have traveled all over the world with it. You can buy a bag that attaches under the seat. We take our own tote bag and just put it under the seat. My mom used this scooter on a cruise to Hawaii. She had a portable oxygen concentrator that fit nicely under the seat. The Luggie folds easily and weighs about 50 lbs. I put it in and out of the car. My husband drives it to the door of the plane, I take the battery out and fold it down, and leave it for the ramp agent. It is a great little scooter. My husband has carried many many packages with it. I tease him he’s the pack mule, but he loves it and makes him feel helpful.
  9. Hello! We did the 15 day connessiour tour in 2019. My husband uses a scooter full time. The land portion of the tour was FANTASTIC! They were very accommodating for everything we needed. The lodges were very accessible. The tour conductor was amazing. She took care of every little thing we needed. She would come to us on the bus while driving to the next lodge and confirm the accommodations that we needed at the next lodge. She booked us on a separate Tundra tour from the rest of the group so that we could be in one of the lift equipped buses. We were on a handicap rail car between Denali and .. our entire tour group got the railcar to ourselves. My husband and sister both told me this was the most relax I had been on a trip in many years. I usually am calling ahead checking to make sure all was ready for us but this trip our tour conductor took care of it. The riverboat in Fairbanks was handicap accessible. We didn’t do the gold dredge tour as we wanted the morning to relax but I’m sure it was accessible. The bus drivers were awesome! They always loaded my husband first before anyone else and took care to store his scooter safely under the bus. We did a Kenai fjords tour that was accessible and fantastic. We did a private whale watching cruise in Juneau, but we had our two adult grandsons who could help my husband in and off the boat. We also did a private totem pole tour in Ketchikan through Tours by Locals. We were interested in doing the 17 day tour but I contacted the accessibility office and I don’t think my husband could maneuver onto and off the catamaran. So we are doing the same 15 day connessiour tour next summer. It was one of the top 3 trips we’ve ever taken. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I’m always happy to share our experiences. Kari
  10. Can you tell me what you do as a healthcare worker? My niece works at a hospital but not Dr or nurse so wondering if she qualifies. thanks, Kari
  11. I had a FCD on a June cruise. The refund of taxes and FCC to my account were completed about mid July. I kept waiting for my FCD to be put back in my personalizer. I’ve called multiple times and sent a couple of emails. I finally got someone who actually looked into it and informed me that my FCD were included in my FCC. But I was told when I used the FCC on a booking that I could call and get the related OBC added to my booking.
  12. We have stayed in the HC window suite on the Golden and the Caribbean Princess. The sink is not much lower. It just has the area free underneath it so a scooter or wheelchair can drive underneath it. I brush my teeth and don’t have to bend much further, if any, than I do in other cabins. There is fixed handrail on the right side of the toilet and one movable (up and down) on the left side of the toilet. There is a bench seat in the shower that folds up if someone else doesn’t need it. There is two handrails in the shower (if I’m remembering correctly). There is a drain that goes around the shower. Storage space in the shower is one small shelf. At the sink there is three shelves, but two aren’t really Accessible to a full time chair/scooter user. But there is plenty of storage at the desk for brushes, makeup, etc. we bring an over the door shoe organizer to make things more accessible to my husband. let me know if you have other questions. We loved this cabin!
  13. We did the 15 day connessiour tour last summer to celebrate my 50th birthday. We did 2 nights each in Fairbanks, Denali, McKinley, and Kenai. Originally we were not going to do the connessiour tour because I thought we could do it cheaper by paying for food ourselves. But we had friends who really wanted to do the connessiour, so we switched. After experiencing the trip, it was absolutely the best decision for us. My husband is mobility impaired and our tour director took care of every last detail for us. As we were waiting for our Tundra tour, I mentioned to her that the shower stool in the shower was really low to the ground. I told her we could make it work because my sister was traveling with us, but was telling her for future guests. When we returned from our tour, I got a text from her just as we were walking into our hotel room asking if housekeeping had delivered a more appropriate shower stool. I went to the bathroom and the Cadillac version of shower stools was waiting in the bathroom. She came to us on the bus and asked us each day if everything was okay, we’re the accommodations okay, etc. our entire tour group was able to get a private train car because my husband’s mobility issues required us to be on one of only 2 handicap train cars, so the other 30 people in our group were thrilled to be in our group. Ha ha. Due to our tour director this was the MOST relaxing trip for me in the last few years. I am usually calling ahead to ensure everything is in place for my husband and always three steps ahead of everyone to ensure things work. This trip I sat back and let Alexa handle everything. This for me was worth every penny! And after having done this tour, even if not traveling with mobility issues, I’d spend the money and do this again and again. I LOVED having our meals all paid for up front. I know myself well enough that I would have only had the $56 halibut one night rather than every night if I had to pay for it each night. The rest of the time I would have opted for chicken. This is a personal thing for me, but throwing it out there in case you know this about yourself as well. We really got to know the other 30 travelers with us because we spent so much time together. They also made the trip extra special. We hope to book this trip again in 2022. I, too, did a lot of research and reading Caribill’s trip review to know what to expect.
  14. I had previously requested and had the OBC applied to my Nov 2020 (before it was cancelled) and my February and Dec 2021 cruises. Suddenly one day the Nov and Feb cruises had the shareholder OBC missing, but the Dec 2021 remained. A small part of me made me wondering if those cruises will be cancelled.
  15. We used Alla Tours. We booked a two day tour in St. Petersburg and we had a private lift equipped van with driver and tour guide. There were five in my party. It was absolutely fantastic. It was cheaper per person than Princess Tours. We went everywhere the regular Alla Grand tour did. Happy to answer any questions you may have.
  16. This is a great idea. We just got new apple watches so I think I will buy an additional charger to take with us next month. Thanks for the suggestion.
  17. Mary Kay! Where are you headed??? We are going to Caribbean in Feb and June 2020. I’ll be adding on two perks this weekend for the June cruise. We are doing Panama Canal in 21 and got it added to that one already. Our last one booked right now is on the Discovery in Dec 21 so that one isn’t included. I think this is a great sale! Kari and the Colorado crew
  18. Rick and Diana We have the Z2 travel cpap. I chose this one because it’s small, runs on batteries or can be plugged in, the battery can be charged in the power shell, and most importantly, for us, was the fact that we could use the mask that we use at home. That way we didn’t have to adjust to a different mask. https://www.apriadirect.com/z2-travel-auto-cpap-machine-by-human-design-medical It is a little different than our home ones so took a little getting used to but we do really like them now that we've got used to them. We bought the Q tube but don’t seem much difference in the noise with it or without so I’d buy the machine first and see if the noise bothers you before investing in the Qtube. They are louder than our home ones but just another thing to get used to. we ended up having to return our batteries and power shells as one of the batteries would not charge. We could not figure out if it was the battery or the power shell so they just exchanged both batteries and power shells. The new batteries are bigger than the ones we had but last longer. We usually only take the batteries if we are flying overnight and need to sleep on the plane. Apria direct is having a sale now so if you are interested I’d check them out. Our insurance wouldn’t buy them since we already had home ones, but we felt the investment was worth it. I love if we have an early morning flight I don’t have to pack our machines after we get up...the travel ones are all ready to go. Let me know if you have other questions. Kari
  19. WE used Alla Tours in Copenhagen, Helsinki and St. Petersburg. My husband travels with a foldable scooter. In Copenhagen, the van that arrived had a lift on it, but the driver had not taken the seats out so we were not able to use it. That was my only disappointment with the arrangements. I had told them we traveled with a scooter and the driver should have been prepared. After that tour I contacted Alla ahead of our arrival in Helsinki to reconfirm that we would like a van with a lift. There was one waiting for us when we got off the ship. And the same in St. Petersburg. This made our trip so enjoyable as it did not tire my husband out when getting in and out of the van. He just drove onto the lift, it went up, he drove off and then we helped him to sit in a regular seat. The driver locked down his scooter and we were off. I highly recommend Alla Tours but be sure to tell them you need a lift equipped van. They may tell you at first that they can only confirm one in St. Petersburg, but keep after them. Kari
  20. I always call the airline accessibility office and let them know. Some airlines will move my husband and I (only one additional person in our travleing party) to economy plus for free. They save two bulkhead seats off the public list for mobility issue passengers. However, the bulkhead seats don't work for us as they have fixed arm rests and no seat in front for him to grab onto. I tell them those things and tell them which row works best for us and they put us in that row. I once watched the flight attendant push the "magic" button under the aisle armrest and found out how they work. Now, I just push it and move the armrest for my husband myself. With the aisle armrest up, grabbing the seat in front, and my help he is able to get up. WE usually travel with my sister so we pay for her economy plus seat so she can be there to help too. However, if we are traveling alone, I will ask the gate agent if they will call for the person who is seated next to the window and let them board early when we board so they can get in and settled before us so that they don't have to climb over my husband as it is very difficult for him to move his legs to let people into the aisle. If it's just me or my sister we climb over him no problem, but not so friendly for a stranger. 🙂 Kari
  21. I booked a Panama Canal cruise for April 2021 back in April or May of 2019. We had friends book their regular cabin in August of 2019...I looked to see if we could switch cabins and there were not any HC cabins available. I’ve learned we just have to book when we see something and be able to cancel if things come up.
  22. Just going to give you an experience of ours. The access office has told us the “Standard” response of you must have someone to operate the lift, the crew will not. However, on the Sapphire Baltic last year, the crew would not let us do it ourselves and they operated the lift to get my husband in and out. They even went above and beyond when it started to hail..they had two crew members holding towels over him as he was lifted out and immediately surrounded him with more towels as soon as he was out of the hot tub and back on deck. So perhaps the crew will help, but I realize you don’t want to count on that. It is disappointing that they have not improved their handicap accessibility on new ships.
  23. I don’t like the idea of FCC being non refundable. We HAVE to book our cruises between one and two years ahead of time. We require a handicap room that sleeps three people. There are limited HC rooms on each ship and even less that will sleep three. Lots of things can change in that time frame that may not allow us to cruise. I’m already somewhat “penalized” by having to book so early that many times we don’t get in on the deals and can’t reface because the same category is no longer available. A non refundable deposit would be a hard pill to swallow. Kari
  24. That’s correct. No way to do it online. Also, be sure to keep the electronic gift card in case you have to cancel for some reason. It will be refunded to the original card.
  25. I just used mine up on the Golden last week on my 50th birthday cruise. I got it from a friend who didn’t use it all in my 40th birthday cruise. The crew all looked at it each time and commented on how old it was, but honored it every time.
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