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  1. A friend who used to work at DLC head office told me today his friend still working there has advised that they are discussing banning these for hygiene reasons. What are your thoughts? I lot of people put a lot of effort into these and the gifts for them. They are core part of the experience for some people, we have never joined a group but love seeing the creative designs brightening the hallways.
  2. It looks like the Magic is going into dry dock from the end of September 2020 just before heading on the transatlantic. On my cruise on the ship in May I was talking to a member of the crew who advised the ship would be getting a new lounge (I imagine the same as what's just been announced for the Wonder) and a new new toddlers area on the same deck as the nursery. Strangely he said this would be in March but it's clearly for about 10-12 days in Sept. What other rumors have you heard or what would you like to see changed/improved while the ship is in dry dock?
  3. Sorry but I have to call out your BS here as I never said "ALL" as you claim or "EVERY" which you capitalised but never quoted my post because you are just they type of queen who lies and dramatises what other people say to make your invalid point. As for you likening my post to "No fats, no fems, no people of color" again you are showing you lack reading comprehension as I didn't use your "ALL" or "EVERY" that line is just you trying to equate what I said to something which is of no equivalence but is yet a personal attack, my post wasn't a personal attack you just took offence because as they say if the cap fits. You post just validates mine even more so thanks for that.
  4. You might think you would be but really you wouldn't be the type we like to socialise with, not a fan of people who declare themselves to be "successful" as they tend to always talk about themselves and their perceived success. They tend to be the opposite of unfriendly but only so they can endless talk about themselves. I find success something which is subjective and those who say they are the definition of it rather distasteful so I think we have both dodged a bullet and hopefully won't ever bump into each other on a cruise.
  5. Not wanting to socialise with sleazeballs isn't bitchy.
  6. Sad individuals who try make low class trashy moves on couples are only good for laughing at because they are terribly sad individuals. We would like to socialise with people who are not on a cruise to try and get off with people's partners in a vain attempt to visit their egos. You seem so salty over this, I can only assume why.
  7. We don't look down on anyone so you made the wrong assumption there, maybe you feel offended by my observations. We are open minded but that doesn't mean we have to socialise with over the top bitchy sex mad queens. We have been on many holidays and lived overseas and mainly found this behaviour from younger gay Americans, that's just fact.
  8. I find the gay cruise YouTubers seem to ham it up with the campiness and find it too irritating to watch. I am not sure if they add anything either as they are not focusing the videos on gay cruisers they are aiming at them at everyone or maybe women who love a camp guy telling them how fabulous things are.
  9. Interesting thread! We are a married couple and have been on our first cruise a couple of months ago with Disney, we have a second booked with them for September and we have just booked NCL for Oct 2020. Looking at the NCL planners I saw the FOD event and wondered what these kind of events are like as we are happy to socialise and spend dinner with other couples or solo travelers but it seems this maybe not such a good idea. Being from the UK I notice a big cultural difference between UK and US gay men from my many visits to the US. I find a lot of American gay men to be bitchy and over the top and obcessed by sex or drag queens, it often feels like I have gone back to the 80/90's. I was hoping we would find people on cruises more mature and with a bit more class but it doesn't sound like it which is disappointing. We will attend the NCL FOD meet up on the first night to see what people are like, if they are low class trash at least it will give us something to chat and laugh about over dinner. Maybe we will get lucky and meet some decent interesting people, we were lucky on the Disney ship to be seated at dinner with a couple of sisters and a young straight couple who were moderately interesting.
  10. This is very helpful. Does anyone know the situation on NCL Escape? They don't seem to have a consistent offering based on the sheet. Thanks
  11. It's our first time on NCL and we are thinking of booking the Transatlantic with this offer but I can't work out with the dining package on a 14-night cruise how many dining credits do you get? I have read anything from 3-5 to one for every day of the cruise! Thanks
  12. Anyone else going on this sailing? We booked on impulse after just being on a 5 day Bahamas cruise a couple of weeks ago
  13. We don't drink beer but in the US we bought some cans of flavoured malt based drinks like mango flavour etc. We are taking the Transatlantic from Dover and wanted to bring some mixed drinks in cans they are things like Pimm's and Lemonade and Jack and Coke premixed with alcohol content at less than 5% are these allowed?
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