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  1. We just received our medallions (yay!), but mine only has my first initial, instead of my full first name. Has this happened to anyone else? I don't know if it's because I have a long first and last name? My name is only 2 letters longer than my dad's and his had his whole first name. It's not really a big deal, but more of a curiosity. Thanks...
  2. That's what I told her, but figured I'd ask the experts. :) (Even from this morning when I looked to a few hours later when she asked, the mini-suite category went from having available cabins to showing sold out. I'll let her know that the best bet would be to book if she really is interested. Thank you all for your responses, I appreciate it.
  3. I know, right! It's a steal! If I wasn't already booked, I'd jump on it. I think the reason she is hesitating, is that in the last few months the price has dropped several times. I think she's leery of booking and then there being another decrease.
  4. We are sailing soon on the Crown Princess (departs 11/27/19, can't wait!), and it still has availability. About 2 weeks ago the price dropped and I've been trying to convince a friend to join us. She is interested but not completely sold, and was wondering if she waited, if there might be another price drop in the next week or two. I've been watching the prices, and they haven't fluctuated since the last drop. Are there likely to be any more price drops, considering the sail date is only 21 days away? Thank you for your thoughts.
  5. Thank you for posting your cruise...We embark on 11/27 and I can't wait! This is getting me even more excited, which I didn't believe was possible. Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your cruise!
  6. We drive in from Orlando the day of the cruise, and always park at the port. Like others said, it might be a little more expensive than off-site parking, but it's always been great for us. Super convenient and easy in/easy out.
  7. I had my TA call this morning and they were able to add it to my booking. I did not need to cancel and re-book. However, on the confirmation I received, it does kind of look like it was added as a gift from the TA, and not as part of the new promotion.
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