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  1. Just came off Star Princess, I had 2 punches left on my old coffee card, and, they said no to me.. oh well!
  2. Hello! My first time to NCL cruise. I'm wondering if we can purchase internet package for certain days of the cruise only, or do we need to buy it for the whole cruise duration? (Other than buying the 250 min package) Any insight is appreciated! Thanks!!
  3. Not that I've sailed that many cruises, but, so far, I've only done inside. The way I look at it, I'll take the $$ I save to buy drinks/excursion...etc. We are blessed that we're mobile and can get ocean view whenever we feel like by just walking out :). All in all, inside cabin isn't terrible. I always get GREAT night of sleep there!! And, no sunlight to wake me up so I can sleep in til whenever I naturally wakes up!! It's a vacation after all! Just a thought :)
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