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  1. sandune

    Shops on Board

    Thank-You! I'm having trouble obtaining a copy of the onboard receipt from RC.
  2. sandune

    Shops on Board

    Sorry-it is NOT much ado about nothing-especially when you are spending shy of $4Grand! Should we ever want or need to sell it-we now what we have. Nothing wrong with the piece nor do I believe it is not what they claimed it to be......I am just used to receiving this document when we have bought Jewelry off the ship.
  3. sandune

    Shops on Board

    I feel this important document should have been given to me at the time of purchase. When we have purchased Jewelry off the Sip , in prior years. we were always given a Certificate of Authenticity-
  4. sandune

    Shops on Board

    Thanks for your reply-we never knew this! i have been in touch with Starboard and they have thrown all the work back on me and RC wants to do the same-I feel its RC job to handle this. Ive tried but keep getting roadblocks from both sides. all I can say that I just learned a very valuable lesson!
  5. Please be advised/warned......the Shops on Board do not belong to RC! This was the first time we ever purchased an expensive piece of Jewelry while on board...a Diamond Bracelet to be exact...we were never given our "Certificate of Authenticity". Now we are home and just realized it...Called RC and they basically can do nothing since this is an outside company. Well I had to call them-now I am the one jumping thru all the hoops to get what I should have been given when we paid for it. This I feel is the responsibility of RC to get this right-since the sales people in the shops all had RC name badges on....who would have known this? We've been cruising for 15 years with RC and never knew this. It also was the first time we have ever bought a piece of fine Jewelry while on the ship....never again! Buyer beware!
  6. Did you go to " already booked"? For what its worth-I don't care for the new format either! '
  7. Eric-Maybe this is their intention....to make the MDR food/service unbearable so people will eventually bite the bullet and go for the Specialty Dining and pay the additional charges. I for one have done the Specialty Dining thing-some are better than others-no doubt as is the service. RC did themselves a real inservice by cutting back the staff-cutting back on staff effects everything that goes on or doesn't go on the Cruise. We shall see-we cruise on Navigator on 2/3/18....need this bad, so I am hoping things are up to snuff......Sandune(aka-Susie)
  8. We are cruising on Navigator on 3/2/18 and I was wondering if they have the 70's Night and/or The White Night (which I am totally clueless about)? I just wanted to make sure we came somewhat prepared:cool::cool:. Thank-You in advance for your help!:cool::cool:
  9. sandune

    Cant seem to get an answer

    I am sorry.....
  10. We are sailing on Navigator on 3/2/18....was curious f anyone recently has sailed on this shp? I was looking for an answer to whether or not there was a 70's night and a White Night during your Cruise? I have asked this on our Roll Call and I don't get an answer so.....I just want to be prepared if these 2 events are in fact going to happen. Thanks in advance for all your help!
  11. sandune

    How much room???

    Hi- I was wondering if anyone knows how much room (inches) there is under the bed on Navigator of the Seas-hoping that I ordered the correct size suitcases that will fit under the bed:o.......Thanks for your help-even us "seasoned cruisers have questions! LOL
  12. sandune

    Horseback Riding on the Beach

    I am thinking now, I may just find a nice quiet Beach or Shopping(???) area as opposed to the Horseback Riding-because none of us really know what we are doing on a Horse......Novice Adults! Arrive alive-stay alive! Thanks for your help!
  13. sandune

    Horseback Riding on the Beach

    I was wondering if any of you have done Horseback Riding (on the beach for part)in Aruba and if so. can you provide me the name of the business and whether or not you enjoyed it? ((and if you feel the horses have been well taken care of) . Our group of 4 have various levels of riding..mostly novices..LOL! I had looked into Gold Mine but the times were not good. Thanks in advance for helping me make this decision,
  14. sandune

    Cell Phone Service on Board?

    We are booked on the 3/2 Navigator of the Sea...I have had no experience wit the new Internet Service they are advertizing..ZOOM.I was wondering if it is any good and if its worth the extra $30 a day for our 2 phones? Thanks for any help yo can provide. (We have Verizon)
  15. We are sailing on Navigator in March...was looking to see what the lineup for Entertainment was but...i am NOT seeing anything on RC site for our cruise. Is there somewhere else that may give me some more information? Was interested to see if there was a Broadway Musical playing or just what the lineup was going to be. Any pointers would be appreciated!