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  1. We are habitual SD'ers but have recently taken a plunge and booked a Windstar cruise. They are similar in size to SD and are going to the Caribbean this June, and we miss cruising there so much we are willing to give WS a try.After a couple of cancellations we seem set to go on June 19th. Yesterday WS informed us that they will now REQUIRE proof of Covid vaccinations for all passengers. No shot, no go, (Crew too, of course and, yes, we have our CDC cards.) We may be limited on excursions, etc., but at least we'll be in the BVI's, St. Barts, Anguilla, et al. Personally, we are overjo
  2. We are Caribbean exclusive cruisers and, having SD cancel their Caribbean routes this year, we decided to try Windstar. They had summer cruises to this area, the only cruise line we found attempting the Caribbean, so we booked with them for May 29th. (We have done 13 SD cruises, all Caribbean.). I was expecting a cancellation, based on the islands' various retrictions, and got it. We are now scheduled for a June 19th sailing on WS's Star Breeze out of St. Martin and around the BVI's. We are so READY! Also, of course, have already booked SD in February 2022.
  3. Yes, SD has Caribbean trips scheduled for late 2021. Sorry for the confusion. We are fighting cabin fever and in need of a "pain killer"asap.
  4. Thanks all for the info. Supposedly Star Breeze just got a refurbishing so we'll see. We're getting a balcony (Juliette though) and bought the booze package so I think all bases are covered. Hate to be missing all the SD crew though, but we have got a SD booked for February of 2022.
  5. We are so anxious to get back to the Caribbean, and knowing that SD has no 2021 plans yet, we started looking for alternatives and up popped Windstar. Currently they are scheduled to start in May 2021 to return to the Caribbean (mostly BVI's). I am wondering if any SeaDreamers have any experiences, thoughts, recommendations regarding Wind Star? We are currently booked on their May voyage on the Star Breeze (not a sailing ship). Any info would be appreciated as we are long time SeaDreamers but, needs must.
  6. I contacted SD today to try and recoup my prior down payment. We had signed up onboard last year for a January 2021 sailing with the usual 15% savings. What with Covid, etc. we later cancelled but held our down payment in abeyance. When discussing our options with SD I decided to go for the Future Travel Voucher and later booked a December 2020 cruise. Further pandemic fears caused us to cancel that one also. Now that all Caribbean cruise are cancelled for this season I called SD thinking to recoup my original downpayment and was told that since I had chosen the Future Travel Voucher prev
  7. There seems to be numerous bloggers on the SD current Barbados cruise. The Points Guy wrote an interesting first day review of his experience traveling from Philly to Barbados and boarding the ship, testing and champagne, and dining el-fresco, etc. Check it out as he will be reporting more this week. Also, I have seen many criticisms of SD's no-mask policy as "irresponsible". Hope they don't succumb to the fright mongers (who aren't going anywhere for awhile).
  8. Testing to see if comments go online.....been having troubles
  9. Hopefully "cubicle rat" is never on any of our cruises as "this will not go unnoticed".
  10. The way I understand it those arriving in Barbados on the day of departure well be considered "in transit" and will go directly to the ship. Those arriving a day or more ahead of departure will be considered visitors and will be subject to Barbados' quarantine.
  11. I plan on being first in line for vaccine, too. Here we come JVD, et al !!
  12. I found SD's webinar informative, comprehensive and well thought-out. It looks like all voyages (so far) will have the same itineraries as to stops (St. Vincent, Bequia, etc.). Having to arrive in Barbados the same day may be problematic regarding flights (weather in winter) but better than quarantining for 2 weeks. I also understood that only 2 Covid tests (pre flight and at ship) will be necessary if considered in-transit at airport. I also applaud the no-masks requirement onboard, though I anticipate SD getting some flack on this. We have been to some of these islands before (all be
  13. I called SD yesterday because I have a floating week that I would love to use. I enquired as to the current itineraries and when they plan to change them and was told that the website itineraries (unchanged) are still those planned and taking reservations. I was looking at a cruise in late November, which went to the BVI (closed), St. Kitts/Nevis (closed), USVI (closed), etc. I would need to pay IN FULL now for a trip that I know will not be going where it says it's going. If the Southern islands (Barbados/Barbados) are going to be the new destination, as has been intimated, why not say so
  14. Thanks HesterM for being the "guinea pig" on November SD cruise. I know you'll be fine and I'll anxiously await your report back.
  15. I think SD is counting on the European travelers to fill their Caribbean bookings. I guess we are expected to just put up with the added inconvenience and expense or wait and hope that the more northern islands start to feel the economic pinch on their travel industry and start to relax their border restrictions and SD to re-figure its itineraries. Currently, since our favorite islands seem to be out, we are now seriously considering cashing in our "floating" week. I fear being caught flat-footed in case of restructuring, bankruptcy, etc.
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