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  1. My Seabourn cruise cancelation took 70+ days with zero communication or explanation. That’s why I’m moving over to Viking in the future.
  2. It couldn’t have hurt. Shining a light on service issues tends to get businesses attention.
  3. We also received our refund today in full.
  4. This is pretty standard practice with modern cruise ships. I wouldn’t be concerned hanging out in my cabin and getting infected by breathing the air in the cabin. I would be very concerned about eating in a dining room with others, going to the spa, going to the entertainment areas, casino, bars, gym and even forming up and using the tenders. Outside areas like the pool would be somewhere in between as far as concern of getting infected by breathing air that has droplets passing from passenger to passenger. Then there is concern about touching surfaces from people that
  5. I’m glad you got it and I’m sorry you had to wait so long to get your refund. 🙂
  6. Yes indeed. Once the pandemic is over or there is a vaccine I’ll be happy to spend it with a cruise line that performed better in giving refunds and communicating to it’s customers.
  7. JPH, Thanks so much for helping us all share our refund information. This thread has given me a lot more information than Seabourn and I appreciate it.:)
  8. What’s wiping out the cruise industry is pissing off their existing customers by not giving their money back after months of waiting with no communication and no apology. I also don’t need to look at other boards. Saying that all the other cruise lines are doing it to others so don’t complain doesn’t fly with me. If I get treated poorly by a company who helped themselves to a free, no interest loan at my expense I have the right to complain about it. I run a business and if a disaster had hit us my customers would have gotten paid back first not last and I would have communicated
  9. Without a vaccine you will be risking your life.
  10. Since I have not gotten an apology from Seabourn I thought I would help them out and give them a rough draft of one I would like to receive. I know they’re short staffed... Dear Mark, As the acting President of Seabourn Cruise Lines I want to apologize for the way we’ve mis-handled your refund. Our organization has been in chaos since global operations were discontinued and we frankly couldn’t handle all that was thrown at us. That said, I feel you were treated unfairly by having us delay your refund and I am going to personally take care of your refund today in full. I
  11. Hi All, I finally emailed my TA after waiting 60 days and this is what she wrote back. Pardon me if I'll believe it when I see the money hit the CC account. If it "may take a few weeks" then it wasn't processed. But maybe I'm being too pessimistic. 🙂 I'll update if we get the refund. Mark Hi Mark, Thank you for your email message. I checked with Seabourn today, the refund was processed yesterday, 6/1/20 to your Visa ending xxx. Depending on your credit card processing times, it may take a few wee
  12. I’ve processed hundreds of credit card refunds. 2 business days is pretty standard. I hope you get it soon.
  13. The policy should be called “Book with Trepidation”. How can you book with confidence when hundreds of customers had their cruises canceled and have yet to receive a refund on them?
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