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  1. Tasmanian gin reputed to be some of the best! ABC store list just doubled - sloe gin + tasmanian gin
  2. My first job out of college was working for Pillsbury, so you know I loved this & have a few folks to share it with ☺️
  3. Jazzbeau? Thinking you could help me understand why the deletions, but if not, we still love you Maybe another kind of sad song, about love & I think the difficulty in expressing it
  4. Having a post deleted is, indeed, a strange feeling.
  5. Wow Chas, that's some serious cruising! let's see, which emoticon says envy ... 👽 ?
  6. Flowers for our Canadian neighbors. Happy Thanksgiving! Impatiens
  7. getting late, can you picture David Bowie and Annie Lennox together? only if you are feeling a bit "Under Pressure"
  8. think about December 2023 chas, would love to see you over there, before sailing for Australia! Or even better join us on the cruise! We'll get to Marlborough once we figure out where it is 🙂 Sorry for that JP. We all respect the work you (and all in the medical field) do, thank you. Specially in these times...Those pictures were wonderful! Any leftovers?
  9. We have opened a NZ sauvignon blanc, 2020 Infamous Goose, one I knew we both liked. Late 2023 we're booked on the Muse out of Auckland, maybe we should arrive a week or so early to sample more of these excellent wines! Time for a 2nd glass, cheers everyone!
  10. all good here, sorry about that to you all, we were both wrong; we need a cruise...Hey, its Saturday night, time to be happy! 🙂
  11. Wife goes out with lady friends for lunch, texts me about 4 PM to pick her up, it means she's had a bit to drink & we'll leave her car at the restaurant, ok, no problem. On way home, wife says you can't turn here, but I know I can, and say way too loudly "just let me drive!" Wife up in bed now, has maybe said two words to me tonight, I'm here with a 2nd glass of sauv blanc wondering why I overreacted and not knowing who should apologize... So here's the Book of Love song, by airborne with the Calder Quartet from Disney Hall in Florida, as usual only if you're in the mood for music, in this case a bit introspective. Love the strings,,, who was it that was worried about posting too much on the cooler?
  12. I'm 1/3 through the 90 minutes; it really is interesting! Well, I'm not sure, but I would suggest your friend be prepared for a platonic relationship...
  13. Thank you silkismom! The result: And tastes great. Did not have sloe gin though, so used some Heering liqueur we had on hand & got away with that, and added a cherry (always looking for an excuse to do that). Next visit to the ABC store I'll pick up some sloe gin ☺️
  14. can you tell I woke her up for this picture? hope that wasn't mean? I know she'll forgive me, its just what dogs do & one of many reasons why we love them
  15. A good night to all (or good morning or good day as appropriate) from our Biscuit
  16. Just speaking for myself (I guess we always are, aren't we?) your post was fun and beautiful. The bond between that dog and that young woman were a joy to behold. What is difficult is our pet family members live too short lives, they were still learning when they were snatched away, we outlive them but never forget them - somehow they foster such warm emotions. Had to give our 2 shelter dogs an extra pat tonight...
  17. brought a tear to my eye too, but thanks for posting M
  18. Wow, please update when you have a chance to read. I never realized the theological aspects of the Athenian civilization till I did my study. Retirement is a good place to be, but not till you're ready for it, I think. I took up a 2nd career as a high school science teacher cause I retired from engineering too early 🙂
  19. If you could share, I would be most grateful
  20. Hey WWW! So, not too long ago, I realized I have no clue what Plato, Socrates etc were all about. So I took an online course from Penn and was totally wowed! Your quote is beautiful. Yes, not an act, but who we really are 🙂 I think its right here at the cooler. A few words from Plato, then “There is truth in wine and children” (Plato, Symposium, Phaedrus)
  21. OK, I'm on a mission. Unprepared, will not be able to report back until I select a good recipe & do a bit of shopping I've got the gin (Bombay) & soda water (Icelandic) on-hand but not much else, sounds like a Friday night project, the whole bitters thing can be confusing, maybe requires some taste testing before Friday?
  22. Does anyone remember a drink called the Singapore Sling? As I recall, I thought they were delicious. I asked DW but she said all she remembers from her college days waitress job is that its a woman's drink... I'm thinking what I do in the privacy of my own home is up to me 🙂
  23. Excited for you Lois, hope you enjoy this cruise! 🙂
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