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  1. Great I played with it on on google earth. Thx
  2. Starting to think cruises are really back and I am dreaming of my April 2022 Hawaiian cruise out of LA. I know the good and bad of private excursions but we prefer to book with Princess - it works for us. However we also want to have a port or two where we walk and explore the port area on our own. We have never been to Hawaii can anyone share with me the friendliest ports for exploring on foot. Also I would love to hear the “best” place to get shaved ice or maybe a Spam musubi? What else is a must have in Hawaii? Where do we find the coffee? Thanks in advance…I am having so much fun to dreaming of our Hawaiian adventure.
  3. I am hoping to be on my Hawaii cruise next Easter - I was hoping that the boat would have some things planned - thanks for the photos...
  4. Thanks everyone. That makes it easy I will book a balcony on Caribe. Appreciate the help and no one commented on my typos....the only thing I do worse than spell is type 😉.
  5. I am planning a Japan Cruise and my husband and I are considering a club class mini suite. My adult kids will be in an inside cabin. Can they dine with us evey night in club class. Dinner as a family is a big deal and I want us together each night. We are trying to decide if we should upgrade from caribe balcony to mini suite. Thanks all in advance
  6. If I just admit I am an idiot will you feel better that I messed up the name of the boat 😉 second I hand out cash tips on top of the paid gratuities. I am not convinced that princess (or any cruise) hands these out the way I would so I like to give extra by cash. Hope my answers help your day get a little better, sounds like you might be a little stressed and need a vacation
  7. Yes we will be on the Princess Crown. I have some Pounds and Euros but hope to spend those on fun souvenirs 😉 I like to give some cash as tips so I know it goes directly to the server thanks
  8. What about the people working on the ship. I like to tip in cash to a few that go above and beyond, is it ok to tip them in cash.
  9. Thank you, I really want to see the palace but the more research I do I think It may be unrealistic and I might be better taking the Westminster abbey tour and just see the outside of Buckingham Palace. There is so much I want to do but I keep reminding myself that this trip to London is just a sampling and we will be planning a trip in the future where we can spend a few days in London. I logically know that I have to stay realistic with just a few hours in London I just am having trouble keep my dreams/plans under control 🙂
  10. We will be on Princess British Isles cruise in August and will be in London on August 17 (Saturday). We know our time in London is very limited so we have decided to spend our time just at Buckingham Palace with hopefully some time to enjoy a little shopping and a pub lunch. We are taking the Princess shuttle/tour into London and have a few questions: 1. For anyone who has used the Princess transportation only tour. (Especially this year with the extra security) what time did you arrive in London and how long did you have in the city (not sure when to book the Palace tour) 2. For anyone who has done the Buckingham Palace tour how long did it take. We will buy our tickets online but I would love to hear/learn any tips you have to share 3. Do you have a favorite spot for lunch or shopping near Buckingham Palace (the tour drop off place is Park Lane) 4. Am I crazy to think I can tour the palace on such a short trip. Should I tour Westminster Abbey instead and just look at the outside of the Palace.
  11. I am very excited about my upcoming British Isles cruise on August 16th (88 days but whose counting lol). I have signed up for the princess ship excursion " London On Your Own SOU185A | LONDON (SOUTHAMPTON)" I know most on these boards don't do ship tours but can anyone tell me where the ship tour typically drops everyone off in London, the online description says: "Your day starts with a scenic motorcoach ride from Southampton dock to bustling Central London, where you will disembark at Park Lane. This is a wonderful jumping off point for your independent exploration." I have googled Park Lane and it looks to me to be near Buckingham Palace but I am not sure??? I am having fun dreaming of what to do in London while I play with Google Earth and would love to have a possible starting point....thanks!
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