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  1. Any idea what happened with vaccinated guests being able to explore Cozumel on their own?
  2. What's the verdict? Were they only checking for the day of the test at the pier?
  3. The Royal website shows PCR in one spot and "PCR or Antigen" in another. So which is it?
  4. The Royal website has PCR in one area and "PCR or Antigen" in another.
  5. January 9th, 2023 from Sydney - 13 nights on Radiance to Vanuatu, Fiji, and New Caledonia! Great trip to knock out a lot of warm beaches for 2 of us from the US!
  6. Any rumors on Navigator for next week in the Other/Long Caribbean category? 5/9's from FLL/MIA?
  7. We were given full points (7) and a refund to our onboard account which resulted in a refund to the credit card after everything was closed out. I don't remember if we were charged tips or not. This was one of those cruises where we used the ship as a hotel for a day then we embarked the following evening. This was 2 days before the US travel ban was announced. We returned to port in Dubai and had a sick passenger who was being tested so we had to remain onboard the ship until we received the results but were free to move about. The ship ended up switching locations on the dock once during the day. The result was negative that evening, and we were free to leave the ship and roam around Dubai or fly home as we saw fit. The next morning the travel ban to the US was announced so we made plans to fly back that night. We still ended up with a full day to see the last remaining sights we didn't originally see (Dubai Frame and Jumeirah Mosque were the big 2) then headed to the airport for a 2:30am flight. Slightly nerve-wracking but we had an absolute blast! I can't wait to go back!
  8. Come on, Dubai! We were on Jewel's last "sailing" March 9 (departed and turned right back around), and I'm dying to go back and finally hit Sir Bani Yas, Oman, and more!
  9. Keep an eye out for Voyager's reposition from Singapore to Copenhagen also. That should be quite the trek when they get the details ironed out.
  10. No Jewel from Amsterdam on the Baltic 😢 Looks like it'll be Voyager from Copenhagen
  11. Any hints on a Navigator trip through the new locks?
  12. I love, love, L O V E both Radiance and Vision class. I spent 15 nights on Vision last December for a Panama Canal cruise, and it wasn't enough! We could have stayed on for more! It had been over 3 years since we were on Rhapsody so it was refreshing to explore a class we hadn't seen in so long. I actually prefer the pool area on Vision class over Radiance. It feels like it has much more space. Radiance class has bigger staterooms, more glass, and has fixed some nuances from Vision class like Windjammer and Viking Crown layouts for the better.
  13. Looks like the ATL flight is the one boarding https://flightaware.com/live/flight/EAL209/history/20200403/1600Z/KFLL/KATL
  14. Not the same company. Just the name was used. YYZ flight just flew by. They're on the way!
  15. Onboard Jewel now and they've said the phone lines are ON FIRE. Very busy so be patient or call during a lull period such as evening/overnight.
  16. Yes, yesterday! It was a blast! We had a great guide who answered the tons of questions we asked.
  17. We all do too. No one seems too concerned on the ship. Treating it like a regular sea day. Main Dining Room is open for lunch. Solarium roof is even open! I was on Brilliance for 9 nights last month, and they didn't open it once, even in good weather. Our loose plan, if all goes well, is to check out a few extra sites we missed in Dubai and head home maybe a day early.
  18. 12pm - No news. Next update 3-4pm. Could take a few more hours to get test results. May change position on the pier later.
  19. 1115am - 45 minutes until the next update. They had a small gangway this morning for authorities (and I presume the sick passenger) to come in and off and it was removed for a few hours. It's back again now. Officers appeared to be having a meeting around 10am in the conference center when I walked by. Pool deck is PACKED with 0 seats available! Great weather, hot, little to no breeze. Captains reception last night announced 900 Brits onboard, 200ish USA...mix of Russians and Canadians. Good group! 1130am - Just looked and we're fully closed up again.
  20. 9am - No real update. Only additional info provided was that the person with sore throat is being taken to the hospital. Next update in about 3 hours at 12PM
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