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  1. Thank you all, will let you know how it goes
  2. Thank you, we did call our TA and she said HAL regard it as an upgrade. We fly to Canada on Saturday for the Rocky Mountain part of our holiday and I think it would be too stressful to try and change it now as it might not get sorted before we leave and then we would be stressing about it instead of enjoying our holiday. Have resigned ourselves and am sure we will have a great time anyway - still don't understand how HAL can regard it as an upgrade though!!
  3. It is indeed. Oh thank you for that positive thought. Will just have to look out not down!
  4. Oh dear, we seem to have made a first time cruiser mistake and booked a guarantee. We are in UK and the cruise is the second part of a trip to the Rockies and that was the only option offered by our travel agent. We thought it would be Ok as we booked a VD guarantee and would have been happy with any cabin in that category. But we have been "upgraded" to a V cabin. I cannot see how HAL can think a cabin directly above a lifeboat is an upgrade!.
  5. Sorry we are new to this game is their location better or worse?
  6. Could someone please explain the difference between a V and a VD cabin. Many thanks
  7. Hi, our first time cruising and first post here, so hope I am doing this correctly! My questions is do you need to pre-book shore excursions or can you do it when you are on board. Also wondering about not doing it through the cruise line, but have heard horror stories about missing the ship sailing. We are doing 7 night Alaska cruise with Holland America on the Neiuw Amsterdam.
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