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  1. Only for Star Class guests now (although, if you have one from a previous cruise you can still get it reprogrammed and use it) You need to carry it when leaving/re-boarding the ship at ports, however not the rest of the time.
  2. For sailings departing the UK - the menu prices include all taxes/gratuities, hence they are priced higher than those on ships based elsewhere like the USA where these need to be added on after the price shown. Because of this, the limit for drinks as part of deluxe drinks package (or diamond vouchers) on UK voyages is $14 instead of $12\$13!
  3. If you test positive in Spain then you’re not allowed to leave the country to return home (including on a private flight) until your isolation period ends - and in some regions that must be in a designated quarantine hotel unless you’re a resident there.
  4. And there crew are also already vaccinated
  5. It isn't allowed for UK bookings unfortunately unlike when booked in other countries
  6. You can get a full cash refund if you test positive within 14 days of departure.
  7. It’s remaining at 50% - which it has been since the limit was raised from 1,000 earlier in the summer. Bookings for many future cruises are not even approaching that 50% occupancy so will have many sailing with less , but that’s what they’re capped at.
  8. Showing up fine for me
  9. Currently for UK cruises, you can only go ashore on Royal Caribbean excursions - this however is every chance this could change by then.
  10. Everyone over the age of 18 must be, yes. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise?dPort=barcelona https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise?dPort=rome
  11. France are already amber+, fingers crossed that will change but as it stands it is 10 days quarantine upon return.
  12. It is currently the case that for all anthem of the seas sailings from the UK this year you can only go ashore on a Royal Caribbean Excursion. This could change by September of course, but these are currently the protocols in place.
  13. It’s currently the cruise departing 29th August that is the last staycation cruise that has those restrictions on.
  14. Gladly going on it and paid up today, I’m not sad enough to get that emotional about a little bit of fabric 😂
  15. The cancellation email is a bit confusing - only the first two cruises in august are cancelled (currently) - the last three are still on. The email mentions that all cruises up until end of august were cancelled fleetwide - however it doesn’t make it clear that these last three are some of the exceptions to this worldwide.
  16. That was Rhapsody of the seas - her European season has been cancelled this year, so won't be even coming over to Europe, so there is also no Transatlntic back to the US.
  17. Hasn’t been made a requirement though so will still be some who don’t - I’m booked on it and travelling out a week beforehand (although there’s no reduction in cost if you don’t take the flights and transfers though so may not be many that do this).
  18. They won’t be requiring crew to be vaccinated. So not, they’re not.
  19. Yeah they; Yeah they're definitely around, but not on every sailing for sure (wish that they were!) - not sure if it depends on demand for that cruise as to if they open them up!
  20. They are available on some cruises, allure for August this year had them available across all categories which was what I booked. harmony next year that cabin was switched to however they were only listed for 2 people. And you can book for two and remove the second person on ones that they’re not available on.
  21. I moved an August 2020 single occupancy ocean view guarantee from Allure to the Harmony in august 2021, and even though there wasn’t single occupancy showing as available In 2021 it was moved fine and the invoice was correct. Not sure if it’s a bit different as you’ve moved to Odessy and it’s different itineraries to what Allure was so may be more of a manual process perhaps, but I’d want an updated invoice to be sure if it was me.
  22. Due to a complete shutdown of all ports in Spain she was unable to enter the Dry Dock in Cadiz as planned after the transatlantic cruise. With the UK having less restictions on movements than mainland Europe, Southampton was the best place nearby to dock - especially to allow any crew members to return home on flights from the UK.
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