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  1. I’m pushing all my pics up,to my Flickr account single_cruiser https://www.flickr.com/photos/single_cruiser/albums/72157678857380448
  2. no just that tatty photo! The trophies from Doug’s events would be far more collectible! im just on the plane home now
  3. Yes what was the dance floor area is now more casino machines
  4. Well im Back onboard. Was one of earlier groups off and so one of first back on at 9:20pm when they started boarding again
  5. The general manager rang me last night whilst out so rang him back and we had a chat. so still think it’s bad planning coming in so late in an evening but he assured me that CBP were doing all they could to speed up the process (extra officers etc). Refreshments will be provided in the terminal but it only holds about half people onboard. ive got a hotel stay Monday Night already so will just hang near the terminal.
  6. Day 9 Dailies. Fingers crossed we get a smooth immigration. Have been told they’ve laid on extra agents. Ents re-start from 10PM.
  7. So last night was effectively our last night for entertainment etc due to the immigration fiasco which I’ll post how well it went or didn’t hopefully before midnight! we had our first real theme party - glow in the social nightclub.
  8. Most of the outdoor decks were closed for large parts of the cruise due to the weather conditions. I believe 2 passes were purchased so someone should have pics on social media but it’s been closed off to general guests no unlimited track pass was advertised. But again this could have been because it was closed for a lot of time.
  9. I agree and same as they do if you come in via the US Virgin Islands like St Thomas. we then had a dot added to the cruise card to show we had cleared immigration and could go ashore!
  10. yes we knew it was arriving Sunday evening but no one was told we had to clear customs that night and we’d all have to be off the ship until zero count. Some expected just to get NCL transfer to airport on Monday
  11. I did finally get to see Kinky Boots at the matinee showing as even though it was a slow starter it warmed up towards the end. Although I will say that choir of Man is clearly the favourite of the two headline acts.
  12. Today’s dailies and departure doc. cruising to America is just so problematic every time now that I’ve decided to call it time on Trans Atlantic to mainland USA.
  13. Sorry haven’t posted in a while since the bombshell dropped. The mood has genuinely soured with lots now demanding to just leave tomorrow night. Speciality bookings onboard have been cancelled beyond 7PM and the belief is services onboard will stop. So effectively tonight is our last night of entertainment. They are suggesting that it will take at least 4hrs starting 7PM and only after that do around 11PM-Midnight boarding restarted if zero count (oh and still expect to be off the ship by 9AM Monday!). heres the leaflet me eventually got. a
  14. So whilst the talk of the bars tonight was this ludicrous idea of immigration. One couple with a young child in a chair who would be in bed normally past 7. One solo lady saying she didn’t feel safe alone in a strange foreign city like NY as they reckon not enough space to stay in the cruise terminal/shed building! Really putting a downer on the cruise. To top it off rough seas have returned and some have retired to their beds. we had dinner reservations at Cagneys tonight from 20:30 not knowing it overlapped the first showing of Kinky Boots. We have that booked for
  15. The bad news is that apparently we are not to get a nice warm welcome to America. Instead after sail in on Sunday we are hearing USA CBP wants to turf us all out into the freezing streets of New York and no one is allowed to reboard until all passengers have left! Apparently this is because they won’t work on the Monday which is a public holiday in USA! means all including elderly, infirm, kids thrown out for 4-5 hours. Welcome to America! TBH something like this happens most TA to USA mainland. Into St Thomas no issues but both Miami and NY hours of
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