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  1. They sure do. All you ave to do is ask
  2. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/search/?q=Tips&updated_after=any&sortby=newest
  3. Im with you. Your on vacation on a cruise. ill be using the laundry service myself next week on the Joy. Going to have my button down shirts ironed and clothes done mid week. Worth every penny while on vacation.
  4. How many bartenders do you think are on board a ship?? think about your 20% gratuity divided by that many bartenders. Doesnt seem like your really tipping much at all. I always take 100.00 in 1.00 & 2.00 bills. I like the 2.00 bills the most. The staff love the 2.00 bills. And yes you’ll be surprised the better service you’ll get. As soon as I meet my room steward I give them a nice tip to keep my ice bucket full at all time. As I drink a ton of water. I dont even drink anymore. But I’ll still tip a buck for a glass of water.
  5. I wouldn’t mind doing this. I’ll have to check into it.
  6. Ptroxx


    I actually buy the 6 liter just so I have something in the room. But it I still bring swell water bottles with me and I’ll have my Stewart keep my ice bucket full for me. I drink a lot of water. But ill also also have the free lemon aid and maybe a soda for diner one night. Normaly I only drink a soda a month or so.
  7. Actually seen it in a few news letters.
  8. Ptroxx


    Actually some people would rather waste money on other things and be able to carry on a case of water that cost 4.00 for 24 bottles. Instead of 54.00 for a case. Easiest money maker.
  9. I’ve sent you a request for the form. Hope that’s OK. Thanks George ptroxx
  10. Is anyone decorating their doors? Seems some cruises have been told no more door decorating.
  11. Dont they call that a steak. Not a burger? Just sayin lolol thats what tastebuds are for. They help separate the different tastes in your mouth. Me personally I don’t eat all the extra stuff on my pizza and burgers. I’m a meat and potatoes guy. Being raised in a NY pizza that’s about all I ate. And I never broke my bad eating habits. And I’ve tried many things as I’ve traveled all around the word. Back to the point I’ve actually had some decent pizza at 2am in the morning at the pizza bar on carnival But went on the same cruise 2 years later and the pizza was not as good at all. All the burgers I’ve had have all been just ok nothing special they all seem to be like a frozen patty. Nothing special at all.
  12. My question is how did the paint make it past security ???
  13. Me I’m bringing dslr with one lens. 18-400mm. Also bringing a simple pocket point and shoot. Also bringing a Gopro to take video on the ship. I’ll pack a carry on with all my gear and change of close just Incase. Also grabbed a few extra memory cards and bringing a few external backup batteries.
  14. Makes for finding your room a little easier. Especially with a few drinks in ya and the boat a rockin lol
  15. Or even inside. It is a ship.
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