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  1. We had a group set to sail last week in January. We all decided to L&S to the same week in 22. And we’re now doing a land vacation to Cancun instead. Rather know now than wait and get aggravated. Lolol.
  2. I don’t drink alcohol or much soda so I bring my own Swell bottle for my water and add crystal light to that. I’ll usually get some bottled water for my cabin so I have water in there. I’ve also used the tap water in my cabin and had no issues. I would ask my room steward to make sure I had ice in my room all day so I could fill up when I needed it. Works great for me.
  3. Awesome. And thus is for the freedom in Jan 2021. Thank you
  4. I was also on the Harmony in Jan -Fed. And would say there were many people dressed up formal. Also many casual dressy And a few nice shorts and button ups. 40% formal 40%dress casual 15% nice shorts and dress shirts.5% Walmart/ beach attire. lololol.
  5. Simple question. Is 12.99 a good price for the key? thanks.
  6. That’s a lot better than the 65.00 the cruise line wants. Especially when I’m just going to veg on the beach and eat lunch.
  7. not going till feb 2021. So have some time. I was thinking last minute too. For the same reason. Going with a big group of drinkers and I don’t drink anymore. And friends are booking these so I’m just going to tag along and don’t see the point in spending more than I have to to get there.
  8. Born and raised in Rockaway beach NY. And if I can survive Trench Town I think I’ll be fine. But thanks for the useless information.
  9. Was wondering if you can book these excursions privately on your own. Party Bus and Vibes Beach Bar in St. Kitts Rum Bus Beach in Antigua. I know usually the cruise lines charge more for the excursion when you book through them ? suggestions thoughts. thanks.
  10. I feel your pain. My alaska cruise for May 2nd that was a canceled begging of April. I checked right away for the same cruise for next year 2021 and the price was double. And that was with the 125% and 20% off. pill just wait till they need travelers and start to offer good prices again Maybe? As like most of use we’re not happy with NCL refund policies.
  11. Also found this. Hope it’s ok here https://spintheglobe.net/dir/2019/07/29/wheelchair-accessibility-cococay/
  12. They have some cool off road wheelchairs. That’s for sure. So I don’t see why not.
  13. I did a 7 day out of Seattle RT. Ports were Ketchikan , Juneau, Skagway and Victoria. disclaimer. This was a NCL Cruise. But my post is about getting a balcony. 7-Day Awe Of Alaska: Glacier Bay & Inside Passage From Seattle " was my first trip to Alaska. And I have to say it was my best cruise as of yet. so good I booked another one I should have been on May 2nd. I picked this itinerary because of the price as I found a good deal. I wanted to be in a balcony because I didn’t want to just have a window to look out of and wanted to be able to go out on the balcony early mornings and eat my breakfast away from the crowds. And also be able to watch the nature float by as we made our way from port to port. My side hobby is photography so I had a nice set up out there both camera and a gopro. I Goproed the entire cruise. I added one of my videos for ya. Was very cool watching the ice float by also had a few bald eagles fly by the room. Also seen a few whales while being on the balcony. its also cool if you have a good neighbor. Which I did. We had some very cool conversations through out the trip. We would see each other in the mornings. And before dinner and sometimes later in the evenings. But never seen them around the ship. Which was kinda funny. If you can spend the few extra bucks and get a balcony. You have a few years to cruise so save a little here and there for the balcony. Was well worth it. I actually stayed in a mini suite. Not much of a difference from a regular balcony. Another nice advantage was sleeping with the door open. The sound on the water and the very cool breeze made for some great sleeping. here’s a video from Skagway. The White Pass and Yukon excursion.
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