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  1. Hello @Retired LEO! Is this confirmed/official? In the same boat as OP: hoping to book an end of August cruise, but don't want to pull the trigger quite yet!
  2. Sorry for the delay in responding, but THANK YOU to all with their input! Definitely confirmed what I thought the sea days would be like 🙂 Be safe and healthy! Happy cruising (eventually)! 🛳
  3. Good evening fellow cruisers! My wife and I have done (and will continue to do) our time with kids/work at home, and are eyeing our potential getaway this winter! 🙂 I'm looking at the 12-day Anthem cruise to/from NJ this December. We have cruise days on day 2-3 and 10-12, which is what we're most excited for (relaxing time). But my concern is what the temp will be like outside being in the middle of winter going down and up the eastern seaboard. Anyone have first hand experience what our days at sea might look like?
  4. Awesome, thanks for the replies @Saab4444 and @90007012!
  5. Hi cruisers! Just booked our second cruise: Harmony on the Eastern leg! We book through Costco to get extra perks, so only certain rooms qualify for the deal. We spoiled ourselves on our first cruise with an ocean balcony, so there's no going back! On the cruise we just booked, there were only a few ocean balconies left, so we booked the starboard corner room of 14538. I'm curious what the view is?? The solarium is next to us, and from pictures it looks like might obstruct out view to the left of the balcony? It also looks like it's glass right there too, so can they see us from our balcony? Anyone who has booked on Oasis class ships can help; either room 14538 or 14138. Thanks in advance!
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