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  1. Bliss has the District Brew House and Food Republic.
  2. Oops, you’re absolutely right!
  3. Just tried a mock booking and had no problem selecting just SDP, WiFi and ShorEx credit. Edit: Haven cabin, you’re right with MS it’s 4 or 2.
  4. Escargot at Le Bistro, then bread dipped in the butter garlic sauce. I’m in Heaven.
  5. So glad, we’ll be on in a few weeks. Thanks for the report!
  6. Hope you had a great cruise! How did the alternate dining arrangements go for you? Any word on what the problem was in the kitchen?
  7. My May cruise on the Joy there were about 20 different wines by the glass available on the PBP (regular package).
  8. Yes had the plan, but not sure if it’s included. If it is, I think it would be better to use the plan at one of the more expensive restaurants. For lunch on embarkation day it’s included for Haven guests.
  9. Just politely tell your server the problem and they’ll redo it or suggest something else. No big deal. American Dinner open 12 to 5, so yes it’s empty at 8:06 pm🤣
  10. American Dinner bad? Judge for yourself: Lobster Roll Fried Seafood Plater French Dip made with prime rib
  11. They’re gonna have to make the gangways triple wide to accommodate all those that have priority boarding!
  12. Haven treats lined up in the kitchen. Joy May12:
  13. Not surprised, always take reviews with a huge grain of pink Himalayan salt! Have a great cruise.
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