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  1. Dear Dave, My wife JoJo and I are crying at lose of your beautiful wife Judy. We had the wonderful pleasure of sailing and meeting the two of you on the Getaway September 2018 in the Haven. Judy was a beautiful person with a genuine care for others and she passed away way to soon. Tom
  2. Finished a great cruise on the Joy Sunday and 30 points for the Encore TA plus the Joy cruise posted on Monday.
  3. No line December 8th at 10:22a... At 12:09p the line was outside but seemed to be moving...
  4. Here’s some of the Encore Haven restaurant, lounge and
  5. Yes, the same wonderful butler we had a couple of times on the Escape. We had him for Concierge on the Joy October 6th.
  6. Thanks for the update...looking forward to reading your experience. Good luck with the job interview!
  7. On most NCL ships I’ve been on there’s a knob about 5 feet up on the door frame, pull it out to lock the door.
  8. Sounds fantastic and thanks for confirming bottles of Veuve are still available on the Premium Plus. I was on the 11/2 Encore sailing and I was able order 2 coffee drinks at a time with the PPBP.
  9. Absolutely, be sure to ask for a wine menu and look for the star indicating it’s still on the plus package as there seems to be some doubt. We were even able to order a bottle with lunch on the Joy last month. I don’t think they’re allowed to hand out bottles at the Haven bar, but it never hurts to ask.
  10. It was pasta OR entree. We wanted to try the pasta with our entree’s, they warned it would cost extra and it did.
  11. We liked it too. Hopefully they’re still allowing people to use their La Cucina voucher at Onda.
  12. The Ocean Blue menu shows it is available by the bottle.
  13. Has anyone on the current 11/24 sailing tried to use your Plat voucher at Onda? It worked for some folks on the 11/2 Inaugural TA.
  14. The Ocean Blue menu has an * next to Veuve indicating “Choice of bottle included in the premium plus package “
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