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  1. I personally would remove it for a week or 2. Give it a little more time to unfold. If it looks like your cruise will still sail, it still gives you time to place another bid.
  2. No, we did not bid on the 300$ upgrade, the forward facing penthouse haven suite that we originally bought cost more than the opening upgrade bid. If you already booked the haven, you should be happy with what you spent. The only bid it would even make sense to put in would be an owner suite. Any other bid on haven you should just call to upgrade
  3. we are currently on the 5/31 to the Caribbean on the Breakaway. We were offered to bid on all other havens, except spa, because I guess that's a lower category. We booked the forward facing penthouse, which we won a bid for last year, and I will never not sail haven again. Our lowest bid amounts was for a haven penthouse suite for 300/pp. Which was pretty insane to me because we have a much larger suite already. Obviously we didn't bid. Not wrapped up in sleeping in the actual haven. We just can't say enough about the actual haven experience. But depending on the category you start, for us, it was anywhere 300 to 750/pp for a dos
  4. You cant over analyze any bid. It's a waste of time, and will drive you crazy. Different people, booked on different ships, in different stateroom categories, are sent different starting bid amounts. Make no mistake, NCL is a business, and wants to make as much money as possible off any one sailing. You can not possibly analyze it because you have no idea what people are willing to bid, or if someone is willing to pay top rate for a cabin that is not available and the person that has that cabin bid to upgrade. It's not supposed to make sense to anyone except the company trying to make as much money as they can, it's just great business for them, and a fun feeling lotto for everyone else.
  5. They will not reduce the bid price. Based on the category you booked, understand that people who are already booked in mini suites have an upgrade offer also. Norwegian wants to make as much money on a sailing as possible, so the farther you are from the category you want to bid on, if you really want the upgrade, you need to bid more, while watching prices and still saving money
  6. I have heard of bids being accepted a month or so before sailing. Usually though, there isnt much of a gap between the categories. Ex: penthouse haven upgraded to a 2 bedroom haven, or mid ship balcony to mini suite. I personally won a bid from a balcony to a forward penthouse. Didn't find out until 3 days before. But TOTALLY worth the wait! Good luck!
  7. We bid on a mini suite $50, didn't really care about the bathroom. We also bid on the haven courtyard, I think about 1000/pp, and the forward facing penthouse 1250/pp.
  8. We won our bid today (3 days til sail) I think there were 3 haven rooms available when I bid for the 2 haven categories I placed bids on. Our winning bid was 1250$/pp. We only paid 1199$/pp to start, were rewarded a 200$ OBC, due to price changes. And in the end saved 1500$ on our room!
  9. Your kids peeing in the hot tub is so much better than a man?
  10. I'm a very wealthy member of a community, who cruises , and your comment was disgusting
  11. I really think it depends on the available cabins on the cruise, if you upgrade directly, you are giving them the cost they are charging, whereas someone upgrade from a balcony to haven is offering them 3000$ extra, at least on our cruise. And it opens a cabin people are willing to pay for at the last minute
  12. Forgot to mention that you can not bid on haven from oceanview, and they will not allow you to book more than the max allowed in a stateroom. Best bet is to find a room that accommodates your family and bid up from there
  13. To my knowledge, if and when you win a bid. You can not change anything about your original reservation. If you were able to, you would have to speak with the NCL gods(lol) and they would determine the applicable charges for the additional passenger.
  14. Has anyone had their bid accepted yet for the June 2nd sailing from NYC to Bermuda on Escape? I know it's usually the week of sailing, but just curious if anyone has gotten early acceptance?
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