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  1. From the Oakland airport to Embarcadero is $10.45. From the SF airport to Embarcadero is $9.45. From Embarcadero to pier 27 is a 15 minute walk. The road is wide and flat.
  2. I wear my lanyard to dining room. If I need to take my iPad, I will take a small leather backpack that I put on the floor next to my feet so I don’t forget.
  3. I’ve usually stay midship on the dolphin deck due to motion sickness. It is uncovered and I don’t mind that all the floors above can see me below. But after my last cruise, it will probably be my last. I had the misfortune of having some one above that kept dropping their food on my balcony. Now that I thought thinking about it what’s to prevent someone from throwing up over their balcony and having that mess land on me?
  4. Cold lobster, I would pass. 😊
  5. I’ve gone several times in May, usually the first sailing and had great weather. A couple years ago my coworker boarded right after I returned and she had rain for their entire 10 day trip.
  6. I order large specialty coffees and bring my own mug. It just fits my 12 oz mug.
  7. I enjoyed the Princess Live but I didn’t like the layout. There were big cables on the floor - an accident waiting to happen. The new layout from post #16 looks nice.
  8. I have attended. I usually have a sock, lace beaded shawl and fingerless gloves projects. Depending how chatty the group is will drive what I will work on. 😊 I do have a lot of cute cross stitch kits that I can bring on my next cruise to share. I wish there was a digital scrapbooking group. I would love to attend.
  9. We enjoy meeting people so we always ask to share. Everyone is friendly and I enjoy listening to people’s stories. In our last cruise we traveled all the way to Alaska just to meet someone that lived only a few blocks from us. 😂 We still keep in touch after our trip. Have a great trip!
  10. Custard donuts, it’s real custard, not sugary frosting. The pot pies are yummy too!
  11. Was on the Star for Alaska and didn’t have any issues. The selection isn’t as huge as on the Regal but you can always find something you will like.
  12. I’ve tried both locations, I like the texture of the chowder in both locations but I think the The Wharf is more flavorful. 😊 Both locations are good - just my preference. 😊
  13. My flight was cancelled and the airlines put me on a later flight that only gave 30 minutes to get to my connecting flight. I explained to the airline that I was uncomfortable with this and they rebook me to a different airport (I requested) at no cost.
  14. Like t&atravel, I have only experienced this on the MedallionNet. Before my sailing, I had received an email that this was possible; otherwise I would not have known. Text worked with no problem on my iPad and iPhone in airplane mode. Pictures were very slow so I didn’t send any more after my first one. I was just happy that the text worked and my family can reach me in case of emergency.
  15. I was on the Regal and I was able to see the patter on my ipad. I was also able to text and send pictures to my family at home thru iMessage with no internet package.
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