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  1. I echo tcdcruiser’s response. We cruised on the Grand in October 2019 with another couple. We all felt the bed and pillow were so comfortable that we regretted not looking for tags to find out the brand so we can purchase at home. 

    The service was excellent through the ship. We only used the stairs so I can’t comment on the elevators. Yes, the ship is old but it is still a great ship.  We had a mini suite and our friends had an obstructed window view. None of us have anything to complain about our stateroom. 

    We ate breakfast and lunch at the Horizon. The food there was from good to excellent. The Ernesto burger was delicious. I thought it was much better than the burgers at the Umani Burger Restaurant. Our meals in the MDR were very good. I didn’t experience any meals that were served lukewarm.


    The production shows are the same ones I’ve seen on other ships. On our October cruise, we never had a problem finding 4 seats together going to the show 10 minutes before show time for the first show.  I was disappointed with the magicians, Brent and Sarah. 

    No need to psych yourself up for the cruise. You will have a wonderful time. 

  2. We’ve sailed in May to Glacier Bay and it was so foggy there wasn’t much to see. I think it’s hit or miss so early in the season. Dispute the fog we did witness a 11 story calving in front of our balcony. Heard it before I saw it. Have gone to Edicott arms in May as well. Same thing it was very foggy but I felt we saw more sea animals here. My husband said there was a small calving. I didn’t see it or hear it. 

  3. I’ve usually stay midship on the dolphin deck due to motion sickness.  It is uncovered and I don’t mind that all the floors above can see me below. But after my last cruise, it will probably be my last. I had the misfortune of having some one above that kept dropping their food on my balcony.   Now that I thought thinking about it what’s to prevent someone from throwing up over their balcony and having that mess land on me?  

  4. I have attended. I usually have a sock, lace beaded shawl and fingerless gloves projects. Depending how chatty the group is will drive what I will work on. 😊  I do have a lot of cute cross stitch kits that I can bring on my next cruise to share. 


    I wish there was a digital scrapbooking group.  I would love to attend. 

  5. 16 hours ago, elliair said:

    Best clam chowder on the West Coast is at The Wharf, Bodega Bay, CA.  Very buttery and creamy chocked full of clams and served with hot sourdough bread.


    10 hours ago, brisalta said:


    ... the best clam chowder on the West Coast is at Barbara's Fish Trap in Princton and made with lots of clams and starchy potatoes.

    I’ve tried both locations, I like the texture of the chowder in both locations but I think the The Wharf is more flavorful. 😊 Both locations are good - just my preference. 😊

  6. 5 hours ago, EmilyColwell said:

    OMG Thanks for the tip! I didn't know that my last couple of cruises. No point in me getting the internet package then.

    Like t&atravel, I have only experienced this on the MedallionNet. Before my sailing, I had received an email that this was possible; otherwise I would not have known. Text worked with no problem on my iPad and iPhone in airplane mode. Pictures were very slow so I didn’t send any more after my first one. I was just happy that the text worked and my family can reach me in case of emergency. 

  7. 31 minutes ago, skynight said:


    If you take a Princess tour you will not be able to see the exit through the locks. Tours return to the docks. If you stay on the ship you can experience the exit through the locks, without commentary. Viewing locations are readily available on exit as many passengers are on tours.

    Thank you for this information. I was looking at the 2021 Panama Canal and it gave the illusion you can visit Panama City and still see the ship go through the locks. Since this is our first time thru the locks I didn’t want to miss it.  

  8. I understand that the meal is the same as the MDR with extra entree options. But if you choose the regular meals, is your meal prepared when you order or is it still part of the mass production? 

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