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  1. That’s one of the reasons I bring my own coffee mug and water mug. If I can’t find a seat near the IC I can confidently move to another location without worrying about spilling. When I get my latte from the IC, I hand over my clean coffee mug and they pour directly into my cup. I’ve never had a problem taking my personal water container off the ship at pots of call. I fill it at the horizon. My bottle has a screw top so the spout doesn’t touch the water dispenser. I’ve always brought my water container to the airport empty and fill it with the water dispensers once I got through s
  2. I agree, paper napkins, wooden stir sticks and toothpicks can be compost. I don’t see a problem with these items.
  3. It’s back online now. They’ve gone back to the old format 😊. Takes a lot less time to load searches.
  4. I feel that there is a bigger buffet selection. What I like most about WFM is that the container probably have 25-30 servings and around mid point the staff will prepare another batch so it’s not s huge volume sitting on steamers all today. There is a lot more fresh vegetable selection too.
  5. I’ve always brought a thermo coffee mug and water bottle on board even before the push to use reuse containers because I like having a lid on my container and not have to worry about spilling. I’m looking forward to the self service machines. Maybe it’s a California thing but I see more and more people carrying reusable water bottles when they are out and about. I understand people not wanting to carry a cup so those people can go to the bar. I just view it as having more options.
  6. That’s a good point. I bring my own insulated mug that I use every day. I actually do wash my mug with hot soapy water each use since I use for it for coffee, tea and hot water. It never occurred to me that no one else will do the same.
  7. When you are walking up the Coit Tower keep your eyes out for the flocks of wild parrots.
  8. Alcatraz night tour is a little creepy especially since you will be wearing their headset listening to the narrative and the sounds of a prison. You leave the pier as the sun is setting. It’s a beautiful 360 view of bay.
  9. Yes, I have asked for 1/2 portions of 2 different entrees.
  10. https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/onboard-experience/activities/book-club/ Book club for 2019. On the Regal in February, the ship had 10 copies available in the library.
  11. I snail mailed my request on Monday and OBO was posted Wednesday. Amazing!
  12. I find the regular coffee weak so I bring Taster’s Choice in a zip lock bag to add to it. I prefer unsweetened green tea or chrysanthemum team and I bring that too. I also bring my own insulated tumbler so I don’t have to run up to the Horizon for refills as often.
  13. I feel same as Tullys mom. I’m looking forward trying the actual restaurant.
  14. DH and I really enjoyed our Western Caribbean in February on the Regal. We loved the expanded Buffet area. We had no problems with the food or service. I’ve read the reviews for the cruise I was on and I was surprised by some of the harsh reviews so I take them with a grain of salt. We thought the Regal was wonderful. We have never had any interest in the Caribbean but I thought it was the most relaxing vacation I’ve taken. Enjoy your cruise!
  15. Our checked luggage was put to the side.
  16. We had flown in FLL at 6am in February. Our transfer was scheduled to arrive at 10am. Before exiting the secured area, we had breakfast at one of the restaurants. We still had 2 hours to wait. I found it painful waiting but at least we were inside the airport where it was cool. My husband slept through it. Would I do it again? For a nonstop flight - yes.
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