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  1. Sailing on Breakaway Sunday. Had inside we booked in February at 1069/pp. Bid 50/pp for balcony and 150/pp for spa balcony. Both denied. Was direct upgraded last week to OV since my price dropped to lower than I paid for my inside, should have waited a few more days since the balcony was lower than the OV 3 days later. Oh well.
  2. Ah, I do think that's what's going on-checked again and all the Oceanviews are showing sold out now too. Poop. Maybe once all the Sailaways are figured out they will send out the answers to bids 😄
  3. This does get irritating since the glasses they have at the buffet are like 4 ounces. I do wish they would implement some Office style water coolers around ships. It would encourage people to hydrate more, which we know people need desperately.
  4. bring a yeti cup and refill from the buffet.
  5. Ok, so yesterday when I went to look at prices for balconies on my sailing the lowest category (that wasn't a sailaway) was $949. This morning all of them said "not available" for a few minutes and now they all read sold out. Is this NCL screwing with it so they can play with it for upgrades? HIGHLY doubt a group bought up 150 balcony cabins or so 4 days before sail.
  6. Hm. Might get on the horn with NCL then-we sail on Sunday on the Breakaway. Got a direct/free upgrade from Inside to Oceanview last week when I saw that the 1069 I paid in February for my inside was $120 more than the $949 for the Oceanview. Now the balconies are showing that 949 price. Still cheaper than what I paid. Hmm. Do you think I'll be able to get OBC for this?
  7. You have done all 4 of these at the same time for the same cruise???
  8. Can confirm this. 9 days out from my 02 June sailing on Breakaway and had NCL upgrade me from interior to oceanview since the price for OV was $120 less than the interior was when I booked. The upgrade site is still showing that I'm in an interior and I was changed on Tuesday, so it's been longer than 48 hrs. I put only balcony and spa balcony bids in, and not looking to bid on anything higher, just hoping my poor bid will look more solid maybe.
  9. Should say on your edocs-usually noon is the earliest.
  10. Me and DH went on the Sun for a 4 day last July (my first cruise, his 2nd or 3rd). We really enjoyed it, and now we have 2 more booked! It's a small but sturdy ship (renovated last year), I didn't know any different though. Compared to Getaway you will find it small but for 3 days it's all you'll need. We went to Freeport, GSC and Nassau also out of PC so I assume you will have a similar itinerary. We did make it to GSC in July, the seas are pretty calm in the summer. Most of the people who don't make it have issues with rough seas and tendering. The beverage package is included for everyone of age, so don't choose it as your perk unless you want the premium plus perk. We found that only when he wanted premium scotch we got charged about $7 a drink and that was only a few times. We loved the Teppanyaki and Moderno specialty dining, and didn't go to any shows. The white party the last night was a lot of fun, and there was plenty of stuff going on. That being said there were no sea days since it was a short cruise. We had an OV on a low deck and had no issues with our cabin, it was actually nice considering it was close to the MDR and easy to get off the ship (deck 3 I think) without climbing tons of stairs or waiting for elevators. We really enjoyed it-just wish we had taken advantage of the cruise next at the time-oh well, we will this time! Enjoy your anniversary!!!
  11. Awesome 🙂 I don't see the difference in the cabin size vs. price for a mini suite vs. a balcony. I originally just bid on balcony and spa balcony-the spa pass being included I WILL pay for, otherwise I'll just buy it once I lose the bid for that cabin.
  12. Sailing on Breakaway 02 June. Originally booked an interior, realized yesterday that OV was $120 cheaper than the interior I booked in early Feb. NCL upgraded me to the OV without a problem but didn't refund any price difference or perks (boo). However, before doing any of this, I bid on balcony upgrades about a month ago which are still pending. I bid poor and on the site it still says pending (understandable from what I've read here) but it still reads my cabin on the UA site as interior even though my booking shows OV. Should I hold out and think that I still might get the balcony bid upgrade?
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