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  1. Speaking of jumping to other cruise lines if you aren't going to earn C&A anyways, look at Celebrity and MSC!
  2. Some of you folks are saying this is old but it still looks current
  3. I get points at the Country In all the time without getting punished for trying a Radisson. That's how hotel companies keep their customers loyal. I can just as easily go to Princess since the points are different.
  4. Now that I'm in Florida I wouldn't mind getting a job on a cruise ship.
  5. I'm a big fan of Reiki and energy healing. Not sure if that is what they're doing or playing in costume.
  6. This is a bit different than what I'm used to on Royal Caribbean.
  7. If there are 20 men and 2 women already hired for a job, and 30 men and 10 women qualified for a promotion, this type of thinking will promote the 10 women first. Those 30 men are going to be punished for their sex and have to go to a different company with Celebrity getting all the glory.
  8. Most of the folks jumping to Celebrity are from Royal Caribbean so why not get a head start? Some of us just want to see some new ports once in awhile and will head back to RCCL. I wouldn't mind earning some points while I'm at it.
  9. Am I the only one that wants to try that beer?
  10. POA is how I want to get to Hawaii too rather than having all those sea days and folks getting wrestles. Enjoy.
  11. No one is going to stop you on NCL either. I can wear a tux or a tank top: my choice.
  12. I'm still trying to figure out which cruise for November this year.
  13. Would like to see Crown and Anchor points earned by trying Celebrity out. It might help some of us take the leap and give it a try. Maybe a promotion once in awhile for some of us folks who are more Loyal to Royal.
  14. Hard to believe that only 2% of seafarers are women in this day and age. Is Celebrity committed with working partners who share the same values? Cargo, tankers, fishing, and harbor pilots. I like seeing the opportunities that folks get by joining Celebrity, but would also like seeing them graduate and make waves with some of the affiliate partners and suppliers.
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