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  1. Wish I hadn't hadn't missed most of these last 30 years, but I'm glad for the ones I have. Imagine the shifts and changes that are to come in the next 30.
  2. I sadly expected this to happen. How do they know they didn't catch it on the way home or in a port? If they win money from X, hundreds of other people will want to do the same across all the cruise lines and ships. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/celebrity-cruises-sued-by-passenger-who-got-coronavirus/ar-BB14kcXN
  3. That is someone else's mistake about the bigger and bigger RCL ships. Just as much as I'm sure some around here would like to see LLP gone, she also might be the more sensible person to take over a larger role as OTHERS leave.
  4. I appreciate everyone's take. The more I'm on this forum the more I realize how many people love to hate Celebrity, and hate to love X at the same time. Been that way before the pandemic, guess it won't change anytime soon.
  5. Brilliant move. I don't have anything booked until 2022 but would absolutely use this option if I had.
  6. When CEOs and Presidents of the other cruise lines quit, I expect LLP would have to be dragged out of her office. Celebrity has become her baby and she's not going to give up on us so easy just because times are tough. Seabourn - Holland America - Azamara, anyone else throwing in the towel? I can't even blame them but credit where credit is due.
  7. And meanwhile the airlines - hotels - subways - buses, everyone else gets a 100% free pass. The Coast Guard and politicians and health organizations can give the cruise lines bad info and disembarkation approvals - oops! The cruise lines get to be everyone's scapegoat once again, even for cruisers.
  8. Repeat the Diamond Princess so that everyone gets sick? No thanks. People got off that ship and wound up being sick too. Where's the empathy for the Japanese families and folks passing by in the Tokyo subways? The US Coast Guard obviously didn't want a Diamond Princess situation or they would have called for one. The passengers have to take responsibility for themselves and shelter in place after a March cruise.
  9. I like the way you think! We had to take 2020 off anyways and cancelled 2021 early on. Right now we're in Aqua Class for 2022 but we might celebrate after all in the Retreat.
  10. If they had multi-billions of dollars laying around in a bank you and everyone else would already have their refunds. Did you put half a million dollars into the cruise lines pockets as charity, or did they give you half a million dollars worth of vacations? I'll never be able to enjoy that much time at sea, and would only wish to have your problem.
  11. I am not cheerleading. We need more optimism and some realism about how the cruise industry always bounces back. No skin in the game? I have a $900 deposit on Silhouette March 2022. I put skin in the game AFTER this all broke out.
  12. Some of these other lines are full of Debbie Downers, just look at their forums. I don't want anyone to fail but we can't save them all. Looking positively at Celebrity should inspire them, not be at their expense.
  13. Great Recession - 9/11 - Costa Concordia - Carnival Triumph, all brought out the naysayers. It is only the optimists that push ahead and the realists benefit from our perseverance. We benefit from them too, after things are back on track and they can figure out all the fine details.
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