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  1. Which port will you be disembarking the cruise? Venice? Things to keep in mind is that the time that the cruise arrives to the port isn't the time you'll be able to exit the ship (it has to clear the port authorities before anyone can exit the ship). Also, NCL has a priority system in terms of when people can exit so unless you have an airport transfer or some other priority, you might have a wait before you can get off the ship. Also, their could be a customs check (I was advised this but fortunately, did not have any customs inspections at Civitavecchia). Also, if your cruise involves a non-EU country (such as Croatia), there could be a border check (I didn't experience this and we did Dubrovnik ... Our last three port stops were in Italy). Also, not sure how easy it would be to hail a taxi once you are cleared to go. So many variables so I'd advise you to speak with NCL and the airline prior to booking the 10:40am flight. Best of luck to you.
  2. I did a similar itinerary and would advise an overnight if you cannot locate a later flight. 10:40am would be cutting it way too close especially if the airport is a significant distance from the cruise terminal. I wanted to fly home the day my cruise ended in Civitavecchia (6am)and I ended up regretting the decision as I had NCL booked me a flight that left at 11:50am from FCO. Because I had an NCL flight and transfer, I was able to get off the ship at 7am and the shuttle left closer to 7:30am so my nerves were on edge the entire morning worrying about missing my flight. I ended up catching it as the shuttle ride only took an hour (I was told 1.5 hours) but I would not wish that anxiety on anyone. Allow yourself at least 6 hours between arrival time at port and flight time. Book NCL airport transfer to get priority off the ship.
  3. Thank you for your response. I guess I just would not know where to begin in locating these companies and also, would they work with solo travelers?
  4. Thank you so much for your review. I just returned from an 11-day Greek Isles/Italian cruise on the NCL Jade. Although I had a great time, I felt that the shore excursions booked through NCL were lacking (especially the fact that they were large group tours). I am not that experienced in cruising and wondered how do you vet out private tour companies? I also get concerned about getting back to the ship in time if I'm not on a NCL (or other cruise company) excursion.
  5. Thank you TheTides for your great review of your cruise. I just returned last week from an amazing 11-day Greek/Italian cruise on the NCL Jade and would love to experience more of Greece on a future cruise. In hindsight, I booked too many excursions through NCL and not given myself enough time to self-explore. Lesson learned for a future sailing.
  6. Hi there, I just wanted to chime in about Santorini as it was one of the stops on the cruise I just took (NCL Jade). The tender boats ran continuously until the last tender (which is usually 30 minutes before the ship is scheduled to sail - you will get that information in the cruise bulletin and announcements). Walking down the donkey path is not advised and I hear is a very strenuous walk down steep steps that can be uneven and slippery. Keep in mind that the donkeys use those same steps in transporting visitors up and down so they will have the right-a-way. After seeing a Youtube clip and researching those steps, I felt it would not be safe for me to even attempt walking down those steps. The cable car would be your best bet. Depending upon the number of ships in port, the waits for the cable car can be extensive (http://crew-center.com/cruise-ships-ports-schedules-2019 is a site that has the schedule of crew ships at each port and that's how I found out that there would be 5 ships in port when we did Santorini). Our last tender was at 9:30 so I planned to get to the cable car station by 6:30pm to allow myself enough time in the event of a long queue. What actually happened was that I got a bit heat exhausted from one of my excursions that I ended up leaving around 4:30pm and waited approximately 30 minutes for the cable car. I waited maybe 5 minutes for the tender as they run continuously through the day.
  7. I would book the shore excursions over the phone with an NCL rep ... I just came back home from my first cruise with NCL and also had the $50 shore excursion credit per port. When I booked it with an NCL rep, the excursions were added to my onboard account and the credit applied after each port of call was completed.
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