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  1. Remember when there were passenger lists
  2. Also from the early days Silversea in their all inclusive gave out packets of cigarettes. Only three types Dunhill reds, Marlborough and Camel, along with the matches. Available from all bars
  3. Spinnaker. Same as the silver boxes the document folder. Age either from Wind in 1995 or Cloud in 1996, I cannot remember which. Now Inkeep various size batteries in it. In those days the document folder was made from high class leather. in Terry’s photo of high tea you can see Jorge in it. Such a pity he left the company.
  4. Before the silver boxes there was the larger still blue box
  5. Before the silver box, there was the blue box, even bigger than any of the silver ones
  6. In the early years of Silversea they did include an ‘Silversea Experience’ ashore on the vast majority of cruises. The vast majority of these were excellent and often unusual. I would love to see this back
  7. To Queserasera. If my memory serves me, when you first tried to do the Roast Potatoes you showed an image of them. You need to take the skins of them prior to part boiling. I think this is where you are going wrong.
  8. Under a different heading yesterday I wrote that it is U.K. and EEC law that it is illegal not to get a full CASH refund. So Silversea London should take heed of this before getting involved in court actions
  9. Just been announced on BBC news that for those of us in the U.K. and in the EEC (we in the U.K. still have to abide by EEC rules until End of 2020) it is AGAINST the law not to have a full a full monetary refund.
  10. Has anyone heard anything about refunding our fares, flights etc for the cruise to nowhere?
  11. We left last night at about 7.30pm from the ship. Had to wait until all three coaches were full. I mean full. Then we had the full convoy of police cars, dozens of police on motor bikes etc. En rout to airport they had closed all road large and small that would cross of or go our route to the airport. As we left the dock gates even though night had fallen lots of tv crews and joe public taking phots. We were in masks and gloves. Another set was also given to us when boarding the plane. On arrival at the airport coaches pulled up to planes stairs. We were not assisted with our carry on baggage
  12. We are from the U.K. but have had no such phone call. On boarding we were asked to fill in a questionnaire as to how long we had been in Brazil and where we stayed. Before leaving the U.K. we had to state where we had been for the previous 15 days
  13. Moss just announced with immediate effect suite attendants no longer allowed into suites. If we need clean towels, toilet paper etc. We have to ask and they will provide at the door
  14. Captain just announced nobody has requested medical assistance since to the two passengers were disembarked. But no further news. But appreciates the efforts of both crew and passengers
  15. I would like to give a big thank you to the Captain, Officers and all the crew for still going to the limits and beyond. As from tonight they have implemented a new way of ordering and receiving food. It means that the hot dishes are starting to arrive with heat still in them. The CREW continue to be polite, professional and efficient in these ever awkward and challenging times. When you consider that they too will have worries about the family back home and their future contracts. Silversea to date have always looked after their crew and to date it has been a pleasure to board again and again
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