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  1. We left last night at about 7.30pm from the ship. Had to wait until all three coaches were full. I mean full. Then we had the full convoy of police cars, dozens of police on motor bikes etc. En rout to airport they had closed all road large and small that would cross of or go our route to the airport. As we left the dock gates even though night had fallen lots of tv crews and joe public taking phots. We were in masks and gloves. Another set was also given to us when boarding the plane. On arrival at the airport coaches pulled up to planes stairs. We were not assisted with our carry on baggage and a number of guests really struggled with the steep steps onto the plane. We had been given our seat allocation with the return of our passports. We were to,d before leaving the ship that we would all sit in economy and that the crew would not help or serve us. On our seats were two sets of snacks that included water bottles and very small juice plus a thin blanket. No head phones so a very boring flight. They did try to seat us a seat apart. on landing at Heathrow we were told that we would go through border control and heightened health checks, before collecting our bags and then to proceed into main terminal where Intercruises would then give us all our future flights either within the U.K. or to the continent. Ship side had no idea of our onward travel arrangements so somewhat difficult to make arrangements for pick ups at our final destination. Moss was also on our flight including voices of Silversea. Although already said hats off to the Captain, Officers and crew for their continued high service and politeness in very difficult conditions. As our coaches left the water tankers were still delivering water 24/7. whilst waiting in our suites for the sound of the phone to ask us to proceed to deck three, an announcement was made asking of on the USA flight that was due to take off at 8am this morning Brazilian time there would there a guest that was a medical doctor?! Incredibly when we arrived at Heathrow there was no check on our health at point at entry even though we were a charter flight that was known to bring passengers from a Risk/isolation and all wearing masks and gloves. we are now T home, so relieved to be back with the great work of our Embassies and others
  2. We are from the U.K. but have had no such phone call. On boarding we were asked to fill in a questionnaire as to how long we had been in Brazil and where we stayed. Before leaving the U.K. we had to state where we had been for the previous 15 days
  3. Moss just announced with immediate effect suite attendants no longer allowed into suites. If we need clean towels, toilet paper etc. We have to ask and they will provide at the door
  4. Captain just announced nobody has requested medical assistance since to the two passengers were disembarked. But no further news. But appreciates the efforts of both crew and passengers
  5. I would like to give a big thank you to the Captain, Officers and all the crew for still going to the limits and beyond. As from tonight they have implemented a new way of ordering and receiving food. It means that the hot dishes are starting to arrive with heat still in them. The CREW continue to be polite, professional and efficient in these ever awkward and challenging times. When you consider that they too will have worries about the family back home and their future contracts. Silversea to date have always looked after their crew and to date it has been a pleasure to board again and again seeing crew members still with Silversea and indeed some of their children coming into the family. This, and this alone is what Silversea is all about. WELL DONE OFFICERS and CREW in this very challenging time. When normality resumes sailing again with Silversea will be a priority.
  6. Just got form to fill in if we need to request medicine that we may run out of in the next 14 days. Asking for GP and Pharmacy details and list of medications taken plus allergies. Implies we maybe in for the long haul
  7. Captain just announced result of second person has been negative for the virus. Both results on first Canadian man are positive. So still to be prudent and careful. Protocol is still in force
  8. Captain announced no new cases aboard. All embassies and consulates working hard to bring us out of the vessel. He has another meeting with officials 9am tomorrow. Difficult find planes or charters etc to get us home and most ports world wide are closed to cruise ships. Hope some good news will arrive to all of us with a new week.
  9. We have two waterTankers alongside
  10. Moss just announced Brazilian authorities will no longer allow us out of our suites
  11. Moss just announced that they are still co operating with the Brazilian health authorities. He would like to thank us all for abiding my the instructions.however the Brazilian authorities are curtailing the amount of time and where. Now only 30 mins per deck am and pm and outside only on decks 8 and 9. No outside service at all
  12. Hello UKCruiseJeff. Nice to see you back. Really miss your food goodie photos. Please return on a more regular basis
  13. Just received a letter from Captain to UK residents sharing a message from the British Consulate General Rio, collaborating with us to coordinate the next steps and confirm onward travel arrangements. ”we are in touch with the Brazilian authorities regarding the Silver Shadow cruise ship and stand ready to provide consular assistance if requires.” Then giving a contact number in Rio. also lunch has been a bit better.with staggering the outside ‘freedom allowance” through the early part of lunch, less pressure on the galley, and not so long to wait for the food. Also like dinner the last two days we have been given and extra couple of choices per course. So things starting to settle in our new ‘prison’ environment. Again well done to the Captain and all the on board crew. Let’s hope Silversea management in Florida and Monaco do as well. In the 26 years of Silversea, their land staff to date have never achieved the excellence of the at sea staff.
  14. Captain just announced that no new cases of illness for the last 24hours, which is good news. The first man taken off, they had to wait for the test to go to Rio. They have asked for a second test. Still awaiting second result. Still not news from lady taken off and her test. meanwhile guests by deck will be allowed out on deck for an hour in morning and an hour in afternoon/evening for one hour each time. Not allowed to touch outside bar etc but the crew will be able to serve us. Very good news for those on deck 4 especially. still to keep 1 metre apart. They are still in touch with local authorities and SS. So understandably the Captain and his team is a very busy, but stresses that they will do all on board to keep us comfortable. WELL DONE CAPTAIN and crew
  15. Our laundry just arrived too, but only one guy...I feel cheated. tried calling reception regarding our temps being taken tonight. But they have no idea when they will come a knocking. At least I can answer door in night attire that has just been returned after two days. The knocking on the door is becoming the excitement of the day
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